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• QUICK BIO: OPEN ARMS - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S MOST ADMIRABLE AND UNRIVALED JOURNEY-STEVE PERRY TRIBUTE! OPEN ARMS - The most incomparable Journey-Steve Perry Tribute playing all the greatest hits
1/17/2020 10:24:26 PM
Open Arms - A Tribute to Journey-Steve Perry
San Diego CA - United States
•  Rock [Tribute]

• INFLUENCES: Journey, Steve Perry

Tee (Steve Perry)-Lead Vocals, Keys
Dave "Crunch" Butler (Neal Schon)-Lead Guitars, Vocals
Andy Qunta (G. Rolie, J. Cain)-Piano, Organ, Keys, Guitar, Vocals
Mitch McNeel (Ross Valory)-Bass Guitars, Vocals
Ian O'Doherty (Steve Smith)-Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Open Arms
P.O. Box 421246
San Diego, California

(619) 228-3730


• BIO:

Open Arms formed in 2011 with the goal of being one of the very best, professional Journey- Steve Perry Tributes in the world. The exciting part is that, this is Journey with a different spin. Female front person “Tee” adds the upmost, distinctive flavor to the band. She brings inter-soul power to the rocking Journey/Steve Perry hits, as well as delivers the ballad favorites with emotion and conviction while putting audiences in "shock and awe" with her Steve Perry alike vocals!

Open Arms has been well received everywhere they play, and the band never fails to deliver a top-notch stage performance, satisfying even the most discerning Journey fans and Steve Perry supporters. The band's primary goal is to deliver pure joy to the audience as they experience the greatest music of Journey that includes all the famous tunes like Separate Ways, Faithfully, Don't Stop Believin, Open Arms, Still they Ride, Where Were You, Who's Cryin Now, Stone in Love, and so many more that are all closely performed to the original sound of the famous band Journey, while leaving the concert goer in complete amazement and demanding "one more” for the road, as the show is coming to a close.

The band also concentrates on sharing their devotion and respect to the upmost greatest vocalist of all time, Steve Perry. Tee, Lead Vocalist, is insistent on her perfected deliverance of Steve Perry's solo hits like Oh Sherrie, Strung Out and others, captivating the audience with her attention to detail.

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"Tee" - Lead Vocals:
As a child, Tee was fortunate to be exposed to great musical and cultural influences by her mother. She was able to experience life on the reservation of her mother's native people- the Cherokee, and enjoyed many performances of their singing and dancing. As a young teenager, Tee fell in love with the music from Journey and was singing every word along with Steve Perry. She has been a fan of Journey for years and still considers them as one of her favorite bands and of course, Perry as one of her favorite vocalists, along with Ronnie James Dio of DIO. Although, throughout Tee's musical career as a lead vocalist with other bands was performing assorted rock music, she now feels fully satisfied with the band OPEN ARMS and being able to pay tribute to the band Journey and to powerhouse Steve Perry.
Tee uses Shure Beta 87A Corded Mics, Shure SM58 Wireless, and Corded Mics.

Dave "Crunch" Butler - Lead Guitars/Vocals:
Dave Butler was born in the back seat of a ‘59 Plymouth during a blizzard behind a New Orleans blues bar…………just kidding.
Dave is the product of musical genes, growing up listening to his father play keyboards and his brother play guitar. After 2 years of playing keys, he decided guitar was his calling. Playing mostly by ear, his brother showed him the basics, and he took it from there. Having a broad list of influences, he began to learn everything he could, playing with as many people as he could. In 2001 he joined up with the hard rock band Sizzling Cell, and did the club circuit for years in the Los Angeles area, while continuing to develop and diversify his playing style. Meeting up with Open Arms was a perfect fit-being able to play the music of Journey at their prime with established professionals was a dream come true. Dave respects the amazing skill level of Neil Schon and strives to reproduce his guitar parts accurately with heart and soul. Currently performs also with Naked Sunday, an STP Tribute out of San Diego.
Dave plays Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, and Ovation Guitars through Line 6 Bogners, Carvin Legacy, and Marshall amps.

Andy "Rolie" Qunta, a.k.a. Andy Q – Keyboards/Piano/Organ/Guitar/Vocals:
Born and raised in England, classical piano & violin from age 6, self-
taught on guitar. 6 years with Australian band “Icehouse”, world-wide
tours, hits including Electric Blue (US #7) & Crazy (US #14, co-written by Andy.) Co-wrote (with Chris Thompson, singer of Manfred Mann’s #1 hit “Blinded By The Light”), John Farnham’s international #1 “You’re The Voice”, later covered by Heart. Inducted into the Australian Record Industry “Hall of Fame” in 2006. Since moving to California played with several “tribute” bands performing (Deep Purple, Queen, Springsteen & Journey hits).
Currently a member of Foreigner tribute - 4NR and Deep Purple Tribute - Deepest Purple, Springsteen Tribute - Boss in the USA, and of course the legendary Factory (Original Lineup) based in Hastings, England.

Mitch McNeel - Bass Guitars/Vocals:
The band's bassist is truly a "player's player". Mitch's studies in bass include funk, rock, pop, and a variety of other styles. His fusion of style creates a funky, high-energy groove that truly takes this band to next level. Mitch has over 25+ years experience playing the bass. Born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Southern California, Mitch started playing music when he was around 9 years old. His first instrument was an acoustic guitar. He took lessons for about a year in elementary school. When he was around 11 years old, his parents bought Mitch an accordion and signed him up for lessons. He took lessons for six years, during which time he was an instructor to younger kids for three of those six years . When he turned 16 he heard an accordion band that included a bass player and decided the bass guitar was to be his instrument of choice . After 25+ years of being in various bands he gained many influences, ranging from Iron Maiden's Steve Harris' heavy fast bass lines to RUSH's Geddy Lee's progressive style. His first band was actually an Iron Maiden cover band which carried him through high school. After high school he formed a group with two players that were heavily into RUSH. He played with them for a couple of years and ever since then has incorporated Rush to his practice regimen. He has been in both cover and original bands through out his career. Currently also performs with Naked Sunday, an STP Tribute out of San Diego.
Mitch plays Ibanez Sound Gear Basses 4 & 5 string, Ibanez Acoustic 4 string bass
Gibson Victory 4 string bass, and uses Ampeg SVT III pro 450 watt bass head
Ampeg SVT Cabinets - 4x10 w/horn & 8x10 speakers.

Ian O'Doherty - Drums/Percussion:
Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Ian began playing the Ontario & Quebec bar circuit in 1983 rockin' covers by the Scorpions, Iron Maiden & Judas Priest complete with pyrotechnics. The tunes on cassette in the car were different though, the live Journey album "Captured" was played so much that the tape was barely audible. Steve "machine gun" Smith's style and sound would inspire him to create a similar legacy. By early '87 Ian joined a Deep Purple / Rainbow / Whitesnake tribute band that morphed into various classic rock cover bands through the late 90's. After relocating to San Diego, California in '98, Ian has spent the last few years collaborating in two original music projects. Currently also performs with Naked Sunday, an STP Tribute out of San Diego.
Ian plays PDP Concept series drums and Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste cymbals.

Band Management - Tee, Ian O'Doherty
Merch Tour Management - Chantel O'Doherty