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 • QUICK BIO: Affable and Extemporaneous: A Competent Comedian You Will Really Enjoy. I have less than a minute to distinguish myself from the thousands who have come before me, and will after. Matur

Printed: 4/18/2015 9:01:04 PM
Johnny Watson
Bernardsville NJ - United States
•  Comedy [Radio Host]

• INFLUENCES: “All the great comics who have graced the stage. Everyone of them has had on effect on the performer I am today.”

Johnny Watson-Comedian

973 619 3091
973 619 3091

• BIO:
Too many comedians exaggerate about themselves when performing. Johnny doesn't need to. When Johnny Watson tells a joke about himself and his family, its real life.

Watson, a white kid growing up in New Jersey's black and Hispanic neighborhoods. He was what you call "pugelistically challenged". In plain English, he could not fight worth a damn - so he told jokes to survive. - "I was the poor kid on free lunch who always got my balls busted… I couldn't fight… I had to be funny."

And he’s still funny. Very funny - making countless fans laugh until they cry throughout North America. Many of his (real life) bits are about his family, his heroin addicted dad, apathetic mom, and his own juvenile alcoholism before quitting at age 18. "I was the designated driver before they had designated drivers," he says. Johnny has turned life’s hard-knocks into comedy and is loved by audiences for it.

Johnny was voted funniest and best storyteller in elementary and high school. (Came in handy getting out of trouble.) After graduating dead LAST in his class, Grandma Watson(or Mom's mom) implored him to become a comedian because "It's what you do best! And… you're no good at anything else."

After a semester in college and 4 years in the Navy, Johnny returned to his first love – comedy as his full-time profession.

Watson has appeared throughout the United States and Canada at many of the biggest clubs, including HA Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He has also appeared in numerous TV, film and theater productions. Johnny also does corporate engagements.

Johnny is very serious student of his art. When he is not on stage, he studies the greats, writes voraciously, and is constantly turning life’s happenings into new material.



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