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• QUICK BIO: Public Intellectual, Alphonso McGriff III, a Hartford, CT native, is an award winning Hair Stylist, Innovator, Creative Thinker, Author, Inventor, and creator of McGriff’s Unique Approach to
2/29/2020 2:19:10 AM
Conscious Conversations
Hartford CT - United States
•  Speaker [Harmonious and Productive Communication Specialist/Consultant]

• INFLUENCES: Personal Growth and Development

Alphonso McGriff III,-Public Intellectual

Alphonso McGriff III
McGriff's Unique Approach to Harmonious and Productive Communication

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• BIO:
Let’s Talk About LIFE
A Conscious Conversation
Harmonious and Productive Communication

“I’ll be the Sun and the Flowers will Find me.”

A Conscious Conversation is an informed, reasoned, and progressive approach to Harmonious and Productive Communication. This approach promotes skill enhancement in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Critical Thinking.

We’ll have an open 2 hour Interactive Conscious Conversation about LIFE. This could include but not be limited to Success, Money, Race, Religion, Education, Politics, Relationships, Love, Sex, Music, or Conscious Conversation Cards.

Depending on the audience and the potential comfort level of the attendees, the subject matter can be limited by request.

We will discuss HOW to have a Conscious Conversation.

We will discuss the 6 basic ground rules for having a Conscious Conversation.

Our OBJECTIVE is to focus on the QUALITY of our conversation and HOW we interact.

Our GOAL is to leave the Conscious Conversation with new tools, new understandings, and new information that will enhance our Harmonious and Productive Communication Skills.

“World Peace can only be achieved with ‘Individuals’ who have Personal Peace.”
~Alphonso McGriff III 9/21/09
Everything associated with “McGriff’s Unique Approach to Harmonious and Productive Communication" is based on a limited understanding of life and how people interact. I am not claiming to have it all figured out. This approach is correct only for those who see the value in using it.