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• QUICK BIO: Jason Matkin San Diego singer/songwriter performs mellow dramatic acoustic Folk-Rock-Americana-Pop music. Thoughtful inspiring lyrics of angst love joy desire, deeply soulful resonant voice.
5/27/2020 7:32:57 AM
Jason Matkin Music
San Diego CA - United States
•  Acoustic [Folk/Rock]

• INFLUENCES: Damien Rice, Ron Pope, Passenger, Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Gregory Alan Isakov

Jason Matkin-Singer, Songwriter
Roger Matkin-Manager, Producer
Shanti Matkin-Assistant Manager, Singer

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• BIO:
Jason Matkin is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, California. He writes and performs mostly acoustic music with a mellow yet dramatic and dynamic sound, sharing his often inspiring and thoughtful lyrics filled with angst, love, joy and desire. Jason's singing voice is deeply soulful, resonant, but soothing and he intends to reward listeners with insight and enjoyment as he expresses his heartfelt feelings through his music. Jason’s music is a creative blend of folk, Americana, rock-pop and country. His love of the outdoors, hiking and climbing inspire many of his lyrics.

Jason introduced his first EP, “Parkside” in May of 2014 and his debut self-produced album, "Forget the Dark" in December, 2015. “Forget the Dark” was the result of more than two years of intensely hard work, writing, recording and mixing. Deeply soulful cello & violin accompaniment and jazz-styled percussion beats. Country hints of banjo and pedal steel guitar fill out the mixes. Jason contributes his vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica& some percussion. "Forget The Dark" is being distributed through most major retail channels and streaming services worldwide.

At age 16 Jason was a winner in the Carnegie Hall Music Exchange’s national songwriter search enabling him to perform for an audience of thousands at the Route 40 Music Festival in South Africa. Jason was chosen by an international panel of judges that included three-time Grammy-winner Dave Matthews, Wayne Kramer of MC5, Vicki Peterson of the Bangles and South Africa’s Vusi Mahlasela. As a winner, Carnegie sent him on a 10-day trip to South Africa, where he opened for some of that country’s biggest acts. Dave Matthews, a native of South Africa, wrote in his judging notes on Matkin: “Jason is clearly an accomplished songwriter. I don’t know if I’d have any advice. He seems to know what he’s doing.”

Jason has continued to write and record his music, performing live throughout the San Diego area. He has toured Southern California playing coffee houses and pubs as he continues to build his craft. Jason has enjoyed busking from Encinitas, California to Brisbane & Melbourne, Australia to Seoul, South Korea. He recently had the opportunity to open for a well-known band in Korea (Blue Paprika) at the Rolling Hall venue in Seoul.

Jason regularly performs at private parties restaurants and corporate events, while he is also pursuing sync licensing opportunities worldwide.

Jason once commented in a newspaper interview that "My life had been pretty sheltered. I grew up in a small town where I knew everyone and had a lot of friends. Moving to San Diego was very difficult for me.” But, the hundreds of hours he spent alone in his bedroom was time well spent. He excelled in school, taught himself to play the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, drums, ukulele and mandolin, and the pain of his isolation proved good fodder for his deeply thoughtful and often sad songs.

Jason is active in supporting meaningful charitable organizations, especially those promoting suicide prevention awareness, performing benefit concerts whenever possible. He wrote his popular song "Stay with Me" (video on his JasonMatkinMusic YouTube channel) specifically to help raise awareness.

While Jason continues to pursue his music career he is also completing a degree in International Business at the University of California, San Diego.
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