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• QUICK BIO: Celebrating 30 years in radio, his energetic, smooth & sexy melodic voice has grace the ears of millions on airwaves & stages around the world. From the US to the UK he’s The Voice for you.
9/24/2017 3:31:07 PM
Maurice THE VOICE Watts
New York NY - United States
•  Master of Ceremonies [On-Air Radio Personality / Voice Over Specialist]

• INFLUENCES: Frankie Crocker, The Temptations' Melvin Franklin, Vaughn Harper

Maurice Watts-Master Of Ceremony & Voice Over Specialist

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• BIO:
Maurice "The Voice" Watts lifetime association and passion for music, radio & public speaking has earned him the title of, Professional Master of Ceremony (MC) and On Air Personality. Currently the host of "The Love Zone" at WHCR 90.3FM which is based out of New York, NY USA, Maurice takes you on a trip down memory lane on Friday's, 8:00 pm - 12:00 midnight.
His well respected voice talent in the industry has taken him all over the world on radio and host of major events for over thirty years. Maurice realizes that the Master of Ceremony is the thread that binds all of the common elements of your event together to create a smooth, seamless and memorable event.

Whether Maurice is the Master of Ceremony for an event or producing voice-overs he's committed to providing the project with 100% effort, by keeping the audience engaged and captivated. Many artists insists that promoters hire Maurice as the Master of Ceremony because of his unique introduction talent. "He has a definite sound and creates a very exciting atmosphere when introducing the artists. I know!" says Al Goodman of Ray, Goodman & Brown.

By opting to enlist him as your Master of Ceremony for your special occasion, you can relax and rest assured that your event is in the experienced and very capable hands of a true professional. Whatever the project requires, make "THE VOICE" your choice and "THE VOICE" will make your event or audio production come alive! See video of him at

Feel free to sample his audio work on the player above. If you have any questions, and/or comments, please send an email and we will be happy to speak with you about it.



• Thursday, August 23, 2012   Kc Collins (New York, NY)
  ++ This comment is to anyone who standing within ear range. Mr. Watts (The Voice)
Is what is called superior at what dose the best… A true leader when comes to guiding young people who sure could use every single helping of just that “Social Influence”

His impeccable flair comes across over the airwaves and beyond is stupendously marvelous. This just one man’s opinion, but he is an excellent role model to fellow as someone I would want my child to grow-up and to be just like, hand down.
If you or anyone is thinking, No! strike that. If you or anyone is considering having Mr. Watts host an even or any other gathering you might have, well look no further by all means.

Let me put to you like this; It may look easy getting up there on stage or on that Mic.

It is not as easy as it may look; you must to be an artist at it yourself.

This impeccable expert at airwaves/ DJ/Host and friend is #1 in my book…

I am Kc Collins Jones, and I said it…You need further review, just ask me

Look me up

• Tuesday, August 21, 2012   MsBaby Love (USA)
  ++ Impeccable Entertainer, very organized and reliable. When you want the best, hire the best. Doing business with Maurice "The Voice" Watts is an absolute stress free adventure. Peace & Blessings
MsBaby Love

• Tuesday, August 21, 2012   Anita Truitt (Baltimore, MD)
  ++ Maurice is an excellent host, emcee and DJ! My first time meeting him was in Atlantic City at the Gardner's Basin for the Summer Concert Event. He took pictures with girlfriend, her son and myself. And I received a copy of his very nice looking promotional photo!! He always makes sure that everyone is having a great time by being very accommodating and most of all very humble. God has blessed "The Voice" with his gifts and talents, which will take him even farther in this business! Looking forward to celebrating his "BIG 3-0" Anniversary in the Poconos, November 2012. Awesome work!!

• Tuesday, August 21, 2012  Lorna Woltz Clowers (Plainfield, NJ)
  ++ Maurice "The Voice" Watts is exactly that....the man with the sexy deep voice!! I have been to a few events in which he hosted and it was a pleasure to be entertained by him. He is talented,a crowd pleaser. He keeps the crowd motivated and eager for what ever is coming up next!! Love some Maurice!!!!!

• Tuesday, August 21, 2012  Carol Ray (Malvern Pa)
  ++ I have worked in the catering/bar/restaurant business over 30 years and have seen hundreds of DJ'S ,MC'S and hosts....NONE can beat "Maurice The Voice WATTS" he plays the best music..he hypes the crowd and you can tell he genuinely loves what he is doing. He personally makes sure every person is having a good time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him as your choice if you are looking for a Class Act and want the party to be unforgettable!

• Sunday, July 17, 2011   Faye edward (Uniondale, NY)
  ++ I finally got a the chance to not only to meet Maurice The-Voice Watts, but to watch him work the crowd @ AC concert serious 7/16/11. Priceless... I need 3 bottles of geritols to keep up with the brother. Thanks for the great time. You Vannessa Jordan, Maria Miller , Howie and all Just did yall' thang. I seen for myself the hard work that was put in. Be Bless and keep on doing.

• Tuesday, June 07, 2011  Ronald Cash (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
  ++ Maurice,
You did a great job hosting the City of Atlantic City's Concert on June 4th. We had a great time and as usual you got the folks rocking! Thanks for your professionalism and energy that you bring to the city! Be blessed my brother.

• Tuesday, June 07, 2011   Wilbur Banks (A/C Summer Concerts) (Atlantic City, Nj /Atlantic)
  ++ Maurice "The Voice" (The Real Voice) is the Host/ MC of this millenium. Nobody can get a crowd going and keep it the way Maurice does. Maurice is a ball of energy mixed with enthusiasm & personality. I would highly recommend"The Voice".

• Wednesday, March 16, 2011   Maxine McClendon (Philadelphia, PA U.S.A)
  ++ Maurice "The Voice" Watts is one of the very best MC's that anyone can get to host their event. He has a special style and charisma about himself that will captivate your audience and get the crowd going. "An Exciting and Phenomenal Master of Ceremony", that he is and it's only a taste of what you will get at your next event.

• Wednesday, March 16, 2011   EVAN WILLS (NEW YORK, USA)
  ++ Yes indeed when you need a Host or Master of Ceremonies, the only choice in my book is, Maurice "The Voice" Watts. With his suave debonair flair and smooth personality he commands an audience to come alive and participate in the the festivities. His energy and charisma charms the ladies and his booming baritone voice will leave an unforgettable experience!

• Wednesday, March 16, 2011   Khalil Lundy of The Force MD's (tobyhanna,pa )
  ++ Maurice your voice rings in our hearts like music... everybody need to experience the hosting skills you have cause its not a party without "THE VOICE"

• Wednesday, March 16, 2011  Lady Moore-Sabb-T.V., Radio personality (New York, NY U.S.A.)
  ++ Having been a minute in the entertainment business, I can truly say that "Maurice The Voice Watts" is a phenomenal host. Maurice brings that certain "je ne sais quoi" to every event, making it enjoyable and memorable to all who are fortunate enough to attend. The saying goes "How can two walk together unless they agree" Maurice walks/works with a team of party makers that can put any function on the map. My personal experience with them is that I could not sit down until I was so fatiqued from dancing that my body continued to gyrate even in my seat. They are magnificently awesome. If you have to spend the money then you ought to spend it on the best!

• Saturday, March 12, 2011   L.J. Reynolds of The Dramatics (Detroit, MI United States of America)
  ++ It is a pleasure to know Maurice Watts. He is a great person, a great radio personality and a great entertainer. We had the pleasure to work with Maurice on our new DVD titled, "The Dramatics- Biggest Hits Live."

• Wednesday, February 10, 2010   Howard Hewett of Shalamar (Los Angeles/California/USA)
  ++ Yo Maurice...In crazy "Radio World" we live in today, to hear a pure radio voice is's strong and a breath of fresh air. Keep representin my brother!!

• Friday, January 29, 2010  Gerald Alston of The Manhattans (Jersey City, NJ USA)
  ++ Maurice is classy,in control and a wonderful presence on stage. He was the MC for The Manhattans Show at BB Kings. He was simply Wonderful!!!!!

• Thursday, January 21, 2010  Wendell Sawyer of Blue Magic "Spell" (Flushing,New York/ USA)
  ++ Maurice has one of the best voices in this business if you want people to stop what they are doing and pay attention to who's coming on stage at a show his voice demands that you listen too him, he is the best. Blue Magic

• Monday, January 18, 2010  Christopher Sullivan of Elegant Affairs Promotion (New York State / USA)
  ++ I must say you, Maurice "The Voice" Watts, are the One Voice that resounds through so well that our event at Newark Symphony Hall is still in the people’s minds, based on them taking in your projectional nuance. Thanks so much for your Master of Ceremonies performance. On behalf of the Elegant Affairs Family Thank You and we are looking to do much more with you in the near future, peace.

• Tuesday, December 15, 2009  Vannessa Jordan-Gaston (Galloway, NJ - United States)
  ++ Maurice, I just want to take this time to thank you for hosting our National R&B Music Society 2nd Annual Gala & Awards Ceremony on December 11, 2009 in Atlantic City, NJ. You are the best at what you do when it comes to engaging and captivating the crowd! Your voice is like no other and you have that special presence that enlighten everyone that is around you! We all thank you at NR&BMS!

• Wednesday, November 25, 2009  Al Goodman of Ray, Goodman & Brown (ENGLEWOOD, NJ 07631)

• Wednesday, November 25, 2009  Sandra Hernandez (Effort, PA)
  ++ +++++ Maurice has just what is needed at a party. The way he handles the mike and get's the crowd going is amazing. I've had the pleasure of attending several of his parties and I can tell you that they only get better. Keep up the good work Mo.

• Wednesday, November 25, 2009   Michael Stern (Tobyhanna, PA)
  ++ I have had the pleasure of working with Maurice Watts for the last three years doing the Classic R & B weekends at the Fernwood Hotel and Resort. His dedication to the classic R & B sounds are excellent. His professionalism and his love of the music is top notch. He does a great job in keeping the crowd involved in the show. A true professional!!!

• Tuesday, November 24, 2009   Vannessa Jordan-Gaston (Galloway, NJ, USA)
  ++ Maurice "The Voice" Watts is the MAN!! As MC he hosted a few of our events with a style like no other! Maurice is a class act. I've seen many MC's however Maurice's style and voice stands alone. He gets the crowd ready, engaged and hyped before any artists even walks on stage! While introducing the artists his voice builds up the excitement for what is next to come! We've experience no other like him. A true professional! 5 stars *****

• Tuesday, November 24, 2009   Olivette Taylor (New York, Pennsylvania and the global broadcast community!)
  ++ As a fellow communicator, broadcaster, vocalist and voiceover talent, I am privileged and pleased to provide all prospective enterprises and entities with a personal and honest assessment of "The Voice." Maurice is a man of integrity - his word is his bond, and his voice is his soul - clear/transparent, soulful yet smooth! "The Voice" knows his material and craft; and possesses that rare combination of having an engaging voice and conversation! I have worked with Mr. Watts professionally and personally and have witnessed the lasting effect on all of those who have had the pleasure of being within the radius of his voice and the privilege of working with him. Mr. Watts is a multidimensional and multi-talented individual! Just "Stop, Look & Listen" to him! You will not be surprised, but your endeavor and enterprise will be best served with the best of the Best!

• Tuesday, November 24, 2009   Andre' Maurice. Spence (New York New York )
  ++ I have listened to maurice for many years now. He is that Voice, he is Thrilling, commanding,and a joy to hear.

I worked with the voice and had him present a plaque to DJ Swan on his 25th anniversary.

He is truly inspiring and I know he only thinks to grow rich a true class act.

DJ Andre' M. Spence

• Tuesday, November 24, 2009   Magda Maria Chiappone (NYC)
  ++ I would like to express my feelings on the skill of Maurice Watts and his VOICE which has captured my musical soul in times of sadness I turn on Maurice and he has the smoothest voice and is such a magical host on radio I just hope he is appreciated as much as he deserves to be, He is an icon in my book!

Mauric Baby!! keep doing what your doing!!


• Tuesday, November 13, 2007   Evan T. Arguello (Stroudsburg, PA,18360)
  ++ I have known "THE VOICE" going on 4 years sharing many social engagements. In this short time I have seen his voice captivate the ladies and energize crowds. He has always maintained a level of professionalism with an ease about him that can please everyone around him. There are a few sure things in life but if you need a quality VOICE this one speaks for itself all you have to do is LISTEN.

• Sunday, November 04, 2007  Carole Felton (Clinton. MD)
  ++ Anyone whom makes Maurice "The Voice" your choice to host any of your'll be overwhelmed by the hype and professionism. I have personally witness a few of his main events. I must say, each one was very entertaining and a barrel of fun. I traveled from the DMV (DC.MD,VA) area when I could have easily enjoyed many festivities here. The main reason is because I stand behind Maurice and must say he throws a fantastic party. He does a live broadcast called "The Love Zone" every Friday night from NYC via internet and on radio in local cities where the broadcast picks up. He does internet broadcast under link with music chatroom and also an internet broadcast for the christian society under He has picked up listeners from all over the world. That tells me within itself that he is doing a great job reaching lots of people. It takes true dedication, lots of love for the business and people, and special skills (like that deep sexy voice, lol) to woo so many.

• Sunday, November 04, 2007   Vivian Johnson (New York)
  ++ Maurice has the greatest voice on earth! He's able to engage the listener in whatever he does. Myself and others enjoy his music, and also support him when he's the Master of Ceramony at various events. Maurice will be an asset to whomever comes across his path.

• Sunday, November 04, 2007  JUNE R. TERRY (BALTIMORE, MD)
  ++ I have only known Maurice for a short while, but I have come ro love and respect him as a man, father and great radio personality. I mainly appreciate what he does to keep Old School Music Alive and well in the world today. He would be my first choice of a DJ or Master of Ceremonies for an event! Good job Maurice and I wish you nothing but success in the future. I am still working on Oprah for an old school show with the groups from back in the days and all the DJ's that are keeping this music alive. So don't be surprised if you get a call from her :-)

• Sunday, October 07, 2007   Lamar Austin (Orlando, Florida)
  ++ Maurice is truly, if not the greatest, the best in the world of radio and entertainment.

• Sunday, October 07, 2007  Carole Felton (Clinton, MD)
  ++ I'd be happy to have you officiate any of my events in the future.