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• QUICK BIO: In 2008 Ian Lazarus formed the ZIMZUM jazz project. The band members include Colin Flint bass, Jay Danley guitar, Ilios Steryannis drums, Steven Vincent percussion and Ian Lazarus saxophone
9/25/2020 5:03:45 PM
Toronto Ontario - Canada
•  Jazz [World]

• INFLUENCES: Weather Report, King Crimson, Pat Metheny, John Coltrane,

Ian Lazarus-Sax
Colin Flint-Bass
Jay Danley-Guitar
Alek Sekulovski-Drums
Steve Vincent-Percussion
Francois Comeau-key boards

Please contact Ian Lazarus
416 531 3269



• BIO:
Ian Lazarus – Alto Sax and Tenor Sax.
Ian has been developing his style of playing in jazz, funk, R & B and free improvisation over the past 40 years alongside his career as a sculptor and installation artist . Most recently he has recorded The "Live at Small world" CD with this most current ZIMZUM collaboration. He has also recorded ZIMZUM original tunes with Colin Flint, Jeff Hewer, Dennis Song, Mark Teixeira, and Louis Le Couche. He has also recorded with the Sum of 5ive jazz band.

Colin Flint – Bass Guitar
Colin has played in jazz, R & B, funk, and rock bands throughout England and Canada. Colin has recorded with The Dave Mirror Co, Salamander, Sum of 5ive and ZIMZUM.

Jay Danley - Guitars
In 1995, Jay was a founding member of Orchesta Klave Y Kongo, a group that specialized in
performing the traditional form of Cuban music known as Son Montuno. It was Jay’s abilities on this instrument that led him to play with such musical greats as Jane Bunnett, including a 2001 performance on CBC television for the Gemini Awards show.
Jay has also recorded two records with piano maestro Hilario Duran, one of which was nominated for a
2003 Juno award, and has performed with him on several occasions as a regular member of his group
“Havana Remembered”. In 2005 he shared the stage with salsa legend Oscar D’Leon at Massey Hall, and has performed with members of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, including the late Compay Segundo and Jay’s musical idol, Eliades Ochoa.

Francois Comeau - Keyboards
François is a pianist and arranger with decades of live performances experience in Montreal, Toronto and at sea. François has explored the sounds of Classical, Opera, Musicals, Pop & Jazz music, demonstrating his wide repertoire and versatility, his dynamic stage presence, and his abilities in many successful collaborations with singers or instrumentalists.

Alek Sekulovski -
Alek has been playing, teaching and recording drums for over 25 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Pop & Jazz drums and has studied with Ron Savage (Berklee College of Music) and Hristo Yotsov (NMA) among others. He has recorded over 40 albums and played thousands of live concerts, TV and theatre performances around the world.

An accomplished educator, Alek has worked as an Associate Professor of Drums at the Music Academy at UGD, Stip, Macedonia. His eloquence in using Balkan polyrhythms and his knowledge of the history of drumming has made him a frequent contributor to various workshops and clinics, summer schools, and festivals.

Steven Vincent – Percussion,
Steven Vincent is a veteran of the Toronto music scene. He has graced the stage with some of Canada's finest musicians since the mid 1980's.