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• QUICK BIO: A powerhouse of rock and country with bluesy jazz overtones/ Critically acclaimed album/ An exciting and moving concert experience
5/26/2020 1:10:22 PM
New Lenox IL - United States
•  Country [Southern rock/ Blues]

• INFLUENCES: Albert King/Wes Montgomery/Johnny Winter/John Hiatt

Bernie Glim-Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
Tom Gurney-Guitarist
Al Joseph-Violin
Jim Williams, Jordan Foster-Bass
Scott Bonshire, Art Baldacci-Drums
Karen Glim-Singer, Songwriter, Percussion, Keyboards
Rachel Glim-Singer, Percussion

Bernie Glim 815-545-6962

myspace.com/bernie glim

• BIO:
The opening fanfare ended and his band hovered over their instruments, ready to start the show on cue, as they had done for over a thousand performances. But the signal never came. Instead, Billy Ray Cyrus stood at the front of the stage. “Who was that band that opened the show? They were great! They got me outta’ my bus!” Thousands yelled back, “Bernie Glim and CRB!!” Cyrus, thanking the crowd, exclaimed, “If I ever get back to where I was a few years ago, they can open all my shows!” The critical acclaim doesn’t stop there. During a concert with the Ides of March, the great singer/songwriter Jim Peterek met the band as they were coming offstage. “Your song, “Hold On Fast”, gave me chills!” he acknowledged. “Great stuff!” In opening a show for Alabama, the most successful country band of all time, Jeff Cook, Alabama’s great guitarist, couldn’t help but bound onstage to rock it out with them. And at a Chicagoland benefit concert, Bernie and CRB joined Kansas on stage to perform Glim’s arrangement of the great Jackie Wilson song, “Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher”.

Bernie Glim and CRB is one of the Midwest’s premier country rock bands. A seven-piece band of master musicians and songwriters, their latest album, “Playin’ to Win” was recently voted #7 of top ten regional CD’s. Glim blends country, rock, blues and jazz with passion and patriotism and never fails to entertain audiences with heart, humor and all-around great music.
Band members credits include:

Bernie Glim- (band leader, guitar and vocals) studied at the American and Chicago Conservatories of Music. When not performing his own shows, he was the guitarist for Engelbert Humperdink, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydel. He has written and produced two albums for Sugar Island Records.

Tom Gurney-  was the guitarist for Freddy Fender’s Midwest tour and backed up US99.5’s John (Katman) Katzbach.

Al Joseph-   was the violinist on Freddy Fender’s Midwest tour and played violin with the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra. He has recorded with Allison Krause.

Jim Williams / Jordan Foster: Two of the very best Bassman to have ever come out of the Midwest.

Scott Bonshire / Art Baldacci: Two Drummers/Percussionists who have played with
and have been on tour with Heartsfield, Clapton, Doobies, to name just a few.

Karen Glim (vocals, percussion, frattoir and keyboard) co-wrote and co-produced two albums for Sugar Island Records and holds a Masters degree in Music.

Rachel Glim (vocals, percussion)also holds a Masters in Music and Theater from North Central College and was voted Best Actress three years straight.

A history of concerts, venues and clients, plus a sample song list can be found by clicking on the "Press" link on our band website