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• QUICK BIO: After years of blazing a path throughout the Mid-Atlantic music scene, Crowded Streets has earned their reputation as the top tribute to the Dave Matthews Band in the country!
5/27/2020 1:17:27 AM
Crowded Streets
Chantilly VA - United States

• INFLUENCES: Dave Matthews Band

Gabe Matthews-Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Jamie Lapihuska-Violin & Vocals
Eli Gonzalez-Saxophones, Flute & Vocals
Jason Quattro-Lead Guitar
Rick Hodes-Percussion
Nick Soderstrom-Bass Guitar

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• BIO:
With a sound as maneuverable as theirs, shifting easily from Celtic to jazz to folk-rock to acoustic funk, recreating the experience of a Dave Matthews Band concert would seem daunting to most. Many have tried. Some have come close. Crowded Streets excels at this feat, bringing world-class musicians from the same landscapes that spawned the original quintet.

What makes Crowded Streets stand apart from other DMB tribute attempts is that every member has the performance experience, talent and stage appeal needed to stand in for his DMB counterpart. Crowded Streets wants to make sure there’s something for everyone at every one of their performances!

Close your eyes and that’s where all but the most trained ear might tell them apart from DMB themselves. The Crowded Streets rhythm section trades off in DMB’s trademark syncopated counterpoint. As the battery that powers the band’s contagious live jam chemistry, the Carter Beauford and Stefan Lessard of the group finish each other’s sentences in powerful rhythm and soulful conversation!

In between providing rich vocal harmonies, the violinist and saxophonist also seem to converse on stage, quoting Boyd Tinsely’s, Jeff Coffin’s and the late LeRoi Moore’s more recognizable licks during their solos while weaving in their own improvisational vocabulary they both have developed over a lifetime of performing.

Gabe Matthews is the focal point of the band. Drawing from years of experience on stage, his ability to emulate Dave’s vocals and stage presence is uncanny. When the spirit takes him, Gabe treats audience members to his spot-on renditions of Dave’s signature footwork and anecdotal stage chatter—all adding to the authenticity of the performance.

Never has the Dave Matthews Band relied on gimmicks, excessive makeup, pyrotechnics, or gauche showboating during their approximately 2,000 major arena appearances. The spectacle is almost entirely to the ear. That is what Crowded Streets strives for each time they take the stage. They never tire of hearing the words: “if I close my eyes, I could swear I’m at a DMB concert.”
If you’re a fan of the Dave Matthews Band or you’re looking to bring the closest recreation of them to your club, event or festival...we invite you to take a look and listen to the nation’s best tribute to DMB, Crowded Streets; they truly may be the best of what’s around…..
Crowded Streets, the nation's # 1 DMB tribute, is expanding into more clubs, theaters, events and festivals than ever before! Please email crowdedstreets.dmb@gmail.com for more information on booking them for your venue or event.