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2023 News blog - Electronic press kits

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 Electronic Press Kit Service myPPK   Power Press Kits Saving Subscribers Thousands of Dollars Annually

Electronic press kit service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (PPK) (www.powerpresskits.com) by Impact Artist Promotions, LLC (IAP), continues to grow in worldwide popularity as people’s wallets grow thinner from the struggling economy.

“It’s no secret that many people are struggling,” said IAP President, Ron Schock. “And that’s one of the reasons the PPKs continue to grow globally. As users find that they can promote themselves and others online at a very high level of professionalism by building a state-of-the art, attractive, dynamic, versatile online press kit with no setup charges then send it an unlimited number of times with no per-use fees all for only $7.99 a month, they quickly realize that they’re saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually.

“Making physical press kits and mailing them out is not only extremely costly, but bad for the environment through resource consumption and the eventual disposal of the papers and plastics. A PPK is the ultimate Green press kit because it saves that waste and saves the subscriber tons of cash in the process, plus, their information is always fresh and current, never outdated.”

Since the release of Power Press Kits, performers, comedians, models, DJs, voice-over talent, actors, authors, publicists, preachers, prophets, producers and more from around the globe have jumped onboard and made myPPK their promotional tool and website of choice. In that time, the site has grown virally, attracting subscribers from across the U.S. and Canada to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and more; while garnering millions of visitors.

Subscribers Stephen and Candy LaFlora of Chicago, IL said, “Thank you PPK for taking our common way of sending promo packages to a new state-of-the-art way. The quality of your product is phenomenal. We travel all over the world and this new PPK is a powerful tool to continue displaying what God has blessed us with in the spirit of excellence. You have taken us to a new level.” It’s evident why PPKs continue to grow virally as new users quickly tell several friends, and so on, and so on.