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We are very excited to announce the launch of our most robust and comprehensive FREE UPGRADE since the inception of our service!!

1. We’ve added an all-new sleek, clean, sexy and cool CONTEMPORARY (widescreen) layout option for you

2. We’ve added the ability for you to choose the interior page styling (white background / black text or new black background / white text)

3. We’ve added dozens of more themes with dozen more in the works!

You still have everything you had before, PLUS the entirely new layout and styling options. The previous kit layout is now referred to as the Classic.

When you login to your PPK admin, you’ll see a new link in the master navigation drop-down menu entitled THEMES / Backgrounds. Choose that link to view the all-new Themes Administration control panel.

You can choose between the new CONTEMPORARY layout or keep the Classic layout. No matter which layout you use, you can now change the interior page styling colors between black or white background on both!


You still have the same 143 graphic-rich themes from which to choose that are assigned to the Classic layout, PLUS 38 new themes (and growing as I type) assigned to the new CONTEMPORARY layout. We are working feverishly to have the CONTEMPORARY theme options in excess of 100 within two weeks. Many of these themes are new and exclusive to the CONTEMPORARY layout. You’ll also see that we’ve pulled over some of the most popular theme styles from the Classic layout and incorporated similar themes for the CONTEMPORARY layout.

In the coming days, there we will add a comprehensive, interactive page on our main website that will allow you to easily view and sort all themes between both layouts.

CUSTOM THEMES are now available for BOTH layouts and you can still switch to any of the dozens of standard themes at any time, then back to your CUSTOM THEME whenever you wish! Complete details on CUSTOM THEMES are linked on the new Themes admin page.

Between both layouts, all of the themes for each, and the ability to change the interior page background color schemes, (humbly) only myPPK rocks your world with the largest selection of graphic-rich, cool, clean, stylish, sexy options for you to suit your style best (no matter what that may be on any given day) so that you can professionally promote your skills to the world!

Thanks so much to those of you who contributed your valuable input while we were designing and programming! As always, myPPK is YOUR PPK and we always develop enhancements based around the needs and desires of the majority of our valued users!