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• QUICK BIO: Jim Armstrong w/ the Sonic Deli Band or solo; Superb songwriting served on an Alt-Country/Rock platter and garnished with a little Roots, Americana and AC.
6/23/2024 10:44:17 PM
Jim Armstrong
Toronto Ontario - Canada
•  Rock [Americana / Alt-Country]

• INFLUENCES: Springsteen, Earle, Eaglesmith, Hiatt, Petty, Adams, Mellencamp

Jim Armstrong-lead vox, guitar, songwriter, producer
Alvin Lapp-drums, back up vox
Val Oddo-lead guitar
Jeff Beauchamp-bass guitar, back up vox
Kenji Miura aka Kenmi Chank-lead guitar (studio)

Andrea Poulis
Sonic Deli Records
(416) 535-5896

(416) 535-5896


• BIO:
~ Superb songwriting served on an Alt-Country/Rock platter and garnished with a little Roots, Americana and AC ~

UPDATE: August 2013

Released 22/08/13 (look for it on CD Baby, iTunes)

Jim Armstrong’s new EP, FIVE is an end-of-summer disc of 5 songs featuring Jim’s newest single, “Joe Fresh”, and includes the never before available, ”Sanctuary” from episode # 9 of the CBC TV series, MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives”, plus Jim’s 2012 single, “Cardboard Retreat” written to help raise awareness of Veteran homelessness.

About Cardboard Retreat:

"The haunting atmosphere and marching drums that begin Jim Armstrong’s “Cardboard Retreat” foreshadow what becomes one of the best written pieces about homelessness and veteran’s affairs ever. “Still coughing blood up from my lungs…” is the opening line, and the imagery that follows is just as emotionally striking in its desolation and sorrow. Armstrong’s voice sounds wearied and meek and that makes the song all the more effective. This is without exaggeration, on par with Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.” and Phil Collins’ “Another Day In Paradise” in terms of songwriting skill and how well it depicts the problems of homelessness and disenfranchised veterans." - Heath Andrews

UPDATE: August 2012

Jim Armstrong is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and music producer who also advocates for those, like himself, with Epilepsy. He has given tirelessly over the years to help Epilepsy Toronto do the marvelous things they do, while providing living proof that anything is possible for someone with his condition.

His last album release, Junction Road (Sonic Deli Records) garnered excellent reviews, and in between performing as Jim Armstrong & The Sonic Deli Band, Jim is working on his new album, a video series, a feature film soundtrack, and he has just released a single, Cardboard Retreat.

Cardboard Retreat is a powerfully poignant anthem about the plight of our homeless Veterans. An alarming number of service people are returning to their homeland with no real place to call home. Collaborating with America’s non-profit, Voices United For Veterans and their sister organization, Mats 4 Pats Canada, Jim and other likeminded artists perform their music to raise awareness and dollars to support others doing the day-to-day work of helping returning heroes to reclaim their dignity. All proceeds from the sale of Cardboard Retreat go to help end veteran homelessness.

Jim states, “I know how difficult it is to live with a disability, and if not for the help and understanding from family, friends and organizations such as Epilepsy Toronto, I could easily find myself living on the streets. When I was asked to use my music to help the cause to end Veteran homelessness, I knew I had to help.”


Jim Armstrong's JUNCTION ROAD - where rock meets twang

The road from birth to death is a unique journey that everyone must travel and some of us have smoother, easier paths than others. Jim Armstrong's journey has been one filled with much adversity. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter, Jim has lived with severe epilepsy since surviving encephalitis as a child. Years of seizures, medications, even brain surgery – Jim has lived through it all with an incredible inner strength and a sense of humour which colours and defines his music and songwriting.

After Jim's well-received debut album, 2007's MUDTOWN, he began writing and recording new material with the intention of releasing another album in 2009. However things took a different, more difficult turn when Jim, while out shopping, was knocked to the ground by a store employee wielding a manual forklift. The resulting injury has been another life-altering hurdle for Jim. His left hand fingers (fretting hand) are now permanently damaged requiring him to wear metal ring splints on them 24/7. No longer able to play some instruments and having to relearn and adapt to playing others, it has a been a long and painful journey for Jim to complete his new album, JUNCTION ROAD (2010, Sonic Deli Records).

“Where rock meets twang” befits Jim's musical style; a seamless blend of Rock, Roots, Americana and Alt-Country genres that comprise the 14 tracks on JUNCTION ROAD. Jim's songs are compelling; with catchy, hooky melodies and sometimes deceptively dark lyrics. He frequently sings of hard luck stories peopled with underdogs and all their small defeats and triumphs. Notable songs include the giddy, high-energy “Dollars In His Wallet”, the sweetly sad and nostalgic “Worn Out Shoes”, darkly brooding “Joanne” and a rousing “Walk Alone”. Whether dynamically uptempo or slow and thoughtful all 14 songs on Junction Road have a sense of Jim's enduring spirit and strong social consciousness.

Writing, arranging, singing, playing, recording and producing his own material, Jim also enlists the talent of his exceptionally fine backing musicians, collectively known as the Sonic Deli Band. SDB is comprised of drummer,
Alvin Lapp; bassist Jeff Beauchamp; lead guitarist, Kenji Miura aka Kenmi Chank and lead/rhythm guitarist, Val Oddo. Special guest, Phil Manning provides Hammond B3 and additional keys. Together they have made JUNCTION ROAD a stand-out musical journey for the listener – enjoy.


Jim Armstrong is the core and catalyst of The Sonic Deli Inc / Sonic Deli Records, a Toronto-based music production house and independent record label. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer, Armstrong began his musical career as a touring drummer at the age of 10. Over the past three decades, his work has included live performances, radio play, extensive songwriting with and for a number of artists, recording, engineering, arranging and producing independent commercial releases.

Together with his songwriting and business partner, Andrea Poulis, who has a background in film production, Jim Armstrong composes independent film scores and the two of them have an extensive publishing catalogue available for film and television licensing. www.sonicdelirecords.com


Jim is backed by The Sonic Deli Band which includes the incredibly talented Jeff Beauchamp on bass (XMEN, Vince Gill, Jason McCoy, Lee Roy Parnell, The Meteors, Honeymoon Suite...); drummer Alvin Lapp, (who did a 3 year stint with Buddy Guy, and has done studio and tour support with The Jayhawks, Jackson Browne, Colin James, Goo Goo Dolls, The Quakes…); lead guitarist/studio, Kenji Miura aka Kenmi Chank of Osaka, Japan; lead guitarist/live Val Oddo.

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Jim Armstrong's band is comprised of well-known musicians who have played with many artists worldwide. Full band or solo, Jim is able to perform 1-3 sets or 1-2-3 hour shows as required.