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• QUICK BIO: Harpist Anna Maria Mendieta performs Classical to Tango as a soloist, with orchestras, and with her touring ensembles including: "Tango Del Cielo" (Tango From Heaven) - A multimedia concert!
6/23/2024 10:41:17 PM
Anna Maria Mendieta & Tango Del Cielo
Los Angeles and San Francisco CA - United States
•  Performing Artist [And Touring Concert-Show]

ANNA MARIA MENDIETA-Harpist, Dancer, Founder

1-888-895-7518 (within US)
+1.415.584.3167 (international)

For "Tango Del Cielo" Show:
Kirschner Creative Artists

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• BIO:
ANNA MARIA MENDIETA - “The interwoven sound of Mendieta and the orchestra was luminous...” - League of American Orchestras.

The world said it couldn’t be done, but American harpist ANNA MARIA MENDIETA made history offering her harp as a new voice for Argentine Tango. A concerto soloist and touring artist, Ms. Mendieta performs all styles of music, but is best known for performing Argentine Tango on the harp. With her groundbreaking vision, her recent album “TANGO DEL CIELO” has won several international awards, including 3 Global Music Awards and reached #2 on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Charts!

ANNA MARIA MENDIETA is the principal harpist with the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera. She performs concerts of all styles from Classical to Contemporary, as a soloist, with orchestras, and with her touring ensembles including TANGO DEL CIELO (Tango of Heaven). Ms. Mendieta has toured USA, Europe, South America, and China, and has performed for Pope Benedict XVI, President Clinton, President Gorbachev, and the King & Queen of Spain. Her unique specialties include the tango music of Astor Piazzolla and the classical concertos of Joaquin Rodrigo. Some programs feature a tribute to the Silver Screen. When she's not pulling strings, she is out on the dance-floor as a part of the show! (please scroll down)

TRIVIA TREAT: Anna Maria's Great Aunt was Rudolph Valentino's co-star for several movies. See who she is in the Photo Gallery!

• "TANGO DEL CIELO" (Tango of Heaven), an award-winning international touring company and multimedia concert program featuring music & dance with Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, and Latin Jazz, for Harp, Strings, and Percussion (plus optional singer). Concert-shows are especially entertaining incorporating multimedia use of art, film, scrim backdrops, props, vignettes, and lighting effects in a unique theatrical production including a special tribute to the Silent Screen. Programs are full of surprises and appropriate for all ages! (concerts also offered with orchestras, see below)

• HARP & FLAMENCO! & "TRIO DEL CIELO"- performing fiery Spanish classics as well as nostalgic Latin favorites. Suzanne Mendieta (of Theater Flamenco) joins Anna Maria in this exciting & elegant program. Suzanne is a classically trained dancer in both Ballet & Flamenco, has toured worldwide professionally and represented the US at the World Expo in Spain. "TRIO DEL CIELO" - Harp, Voice, and Flamenco with sisters Anna Maria, Suzanne, and Gloria Mendieta (Soprano) in a program featuring the music of Spain with costumes and stories of famous historic hispanic women.

• "DEL CIELO" Ensemble Out-Reach Programs - (Solo, Duo or Ensemble) for Schools, Hospitals, and the Community.
Concerts, Music Masterclasses, Dance Workshops - engaging, entertaining & educational programs for all ages!
Two-time winners of the San Francisco Symphony's "Adventure In Music" program.

Besides the standard Harp Concerti from Handel to Ginastera, Ms. Mendieta also performs unique programs with orchestras:

• "TANGO DEL CIELO" multimedia concert-show with orchestras (full or partial program). Special arrangements are provided for Harp & Chamber Symphony (or full orchestra), String Orchestra, or with members of her Tango Del Cielo ensemble as guests with the orchestra; programs can be with or without dance. Music by Piazzolla, Ziegler, DeFalla, Rodrigo, Binelli and others. Ms. Mendieta provides all scores & parts, along with multimedia, beautiful scrim backdrop, props, and a tech person to manage it all.

• "TANGO SUITE" by Astor Piazzolla, Jorge Calandrelli, Pablo Ziegler, Daniel Binelli and others. A classical concerto for Harp & Chamber Orchestra arranged for Anna Maria Mendieta by Piazzolla's musicians & colleagues Pablo Ziegler and Daniel Binelli. An outstanding review of the premiere was published internationally by the League of American Orchestras. And now, NEW Tango Collections from the multi award-winning album "Tango Del Cielo" feature traditional & nuevo tangos and exciting new music by multi Grammy Award winner & Academy Award nominee Jorge Calandrelli and Grammy nominee Jeremy Cohen of the award-winning Quartet San Francisco.

• JOAQUIN RODRIGO: "Concierto Serenata" & "Concierto de Aranjuez", as well as "Sones de la Geralda", concerti for Harp & Orchestra, with the praises and support of Rodrigo's daughter Cecilia Rodrigo, Founder of the Rodrigo Foundation in Madrid, Spain.

• "CLAROSCURO" - A dynamic harp concerto composed for Anna Maria Mendieta by Christopher Pratorius commissioned by the American Harp Society. Premiered: October 2013.


1-888-895-7518 (within the US)
+1-415-584-3167 (international)
+1-415-350-4720 cell/text/WhatsApp
Tango del Cielo (Tango & Flamenco): Harp, Strings, Percussion, Dance, + Optional Singer (6-12 Performers & 1-2 tech people)
Harp & Flamenco or Harp & Dance (minimum of 2 performers)
Trio Del Cielo: Harp, Soprano, Flamenco Dancer (3 performers)
Madroña Trio: Harp, Flute, Viola (3 Performers + optional opera singer)
Levitan-Mendieta Harp Duo (2 Performers)
Holiday Concerts - Harp with Percussion (1-2 performers)
Outreach Programs: Musical Magic, Sound Adventures, Del Cielo Ensembles
Choices of Harp with Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Voice, Percussion. With optional Dance (Flamenco, Tango, or Partner Style)

For more information on other programs, please contact: info@AnnaMariaMendieta.com