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• QUICK BIO: The Legendary Group "The Unifics" make a comeback into the industry under a "Second Wind" Production.
8/18/2022 7:43:40 AM
The Unifics
Hampton VA - United States
•  Soul [Urban/R&B]

Ned Harris-
Bruce Justice-
Charlie Lockhart-
Garrett Hall-

Management- Tom Fauntleroy
757-722-4729 unifics@cox.net

Senior Publicist - Vicki Johnson


• BIO:
THE LEGENDARY SOULFUL GROUP "THE UNIFICS"....have Created a "Second Wind" Production that Graces the Stage with their Smooth, Romantic, Perfect Pitch Harmonies, Dazzling Choreography, and a Dynamic Sound that has Stood the Test of Time!! Listed Below are the Vocalists and Performers that are Keeping the Magic Alive!!!

Access The Unifics History at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unifics


NED HARRIS...Ned started singing in his home church in Albany, GA. at the age of 12. He moved to Tidewater, VA in 2004 where he joined the cover band, “Kustom Made," and showcased his talent in many community theaters for three years. Opening for the likes of “The Brides of Funkenstein," Dennis Edwards and George Clinton, just to name a few, this amazing performer joined the legendary group "The Unifics." As the “baby” of the group, Ned shows the power of youth when he performs. Noted as a “tenor songbird," this talent gives honor to God for blessing him with this gift. The Unifics give honor to God and Ned for the “Second Wind” to continue a show-stopping legacy.

BRUCE JUSTICE...Originally from Waterbury, Conn, Bruce began playing trumpet at the age of 8. This performer studied for 10 yrs with his uncle, jazz saxophonist, Judson Watt. He moved to Tidewater, VA in 1974 after returning from the military. Bruce joined Charlie Lockhart and Garrett Hall to form the group known as “Certified Corner Action." The group soon moved to Philadelphia where they opened for such notables as Kool & The Gang, Phyllis Hyman and Patti Labelle. The Unifics and fans are grateful to Bruce for the “Second Wind” of solid gold entertainment.

CHARLIE LOCKHART...Charlie (“Locke”) is a skilled master of song. Born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, Charlie’s signature sound ranges from first tenor to bass which stimulates the soul. He performed many years with a group known as “En’Ovation” and traveled and performed with Patti LaBelle, Teddy Pendergrass, the O’Jays, Norman Connors, Kool and the Gang, and many more. Charlie is a veteran Unific and poised entertainer. The Unifics owe much to Charlie for the gala force behind the group’s “Second Wind."

GARRETT HALL...Garrett (“Chink”) is a college music major from Newport News, VA. He honed his talent playing the trumpet in marching bands, symphony orchestras, jazz bands, and singing with several local R&B and gospel groups. Signing a recording contract with a major Philadelphia label in the late 70’s solidified his desire to sing. The “smoothie” of the group, Garrett’s cool performance and seductive tenor give a “Second Wind” to the competitive edge The Unifics always bring to the stage.


Management, Bookings: Tom Fauntleroy at: 757-722-4729 unifics@cox.net

Senior Publicist: Vicki Johnson at: 504-609-1003 lhsmusicmakers@gmail.com