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• QUICK BIO: Styx Xperience brings the most authentic Styx sound to life with some of America's top premiere professional musicians on the tribute circuit today.
7/1/2022 7:10:44 PM
Styx Xperience
Anaheim Hills CA - United States
•  Band


Stu Saddoris-Vocals
Rich Graham-Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals
Justin Richardson-Guitar & Vocals
Mark Kelly-Drums & Vocals
Adam Levy-Bass & Vocals

Contact Stu at StyxXperience@gmail.com


• BIO:
At the height of their career, Styx was one of America’s favorite rock bands with a string of hits and endless world tours. With world class vocals and complex arrangements, they set themselves apart in dramatic fashion. Styx Xperience brings you the same energy and detail as the original they pay tribute too. Lead vocalist, Stu Saddoris, has proven there is no one, outside of Styx itself, who brings a more similar sound and style to the hits of one of rock’s most melodic, vocal oriented bands. Multi-instrumentalist, Rich Graham, has made a career out of recreating the distinct keyboard sounds of legendary rock bands.  His seemingly endless skill set is a vital part of recreating the most authentic Styx sounds down to the smallest detail. Justin Richardson brings the guitar work of both Tommy Shaw and James Young to life with remarkable precision and energy.  Drummer, Mark Kelly, who made a national name for himself playing with Great White, brings a high octane style that has to be seen to be believed. Bassist, Adam Levy, needs no hype.  He has been thundering out Styx tunes with authority for years.  With veteran pros at every position, Styx Xperience is the nation’s finest Styx tribute act, hands down.