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• QUICK BIO: Omar Juarez is an undefeated professional boxer from Brownsville, TX, with a record of (11-0, 5 KOs) In addition he's a motivational speaker to many youth in his hometown and around the worl
4/15/2024 2:48:12 AM
Omar "El Relampago" Juarez
Brownsville TX - United States
•  Athlete [Boxer & Motivational Speaker]

Omar Alejandro Juarez-


• BIO:
Omar Alejandro Juarez
Nickname – El Relampago
Height – 5’9
Reach – 69’
Weight – 140 (Super Lightweight)
Date of Birth – June 16, 1999 (Age 21)
Birthplace: – Brownsville, TX
Hometown – Brownsville, TX
Current Residence: Brownsville, TX
Amateur Record – (120-15)
Pro Record – (11-0, 5 KO’s)

Omar Alejandro Juarez is a 21-year old Mexican American professional boxer, born in Brownsville, TX, to parents Nancy (mother) and Rudy II (father). He is the second oldest of three siblings, older brother Rudy III (23), younger brother Sabastian (15), and younger sister Katya (14), who all live back in his hometown of Brownsville, TX.

Omar started boxing at the age of 8, and as a youth, spent most of his free time away at tournaments and other boxing related activities. He has spent relatively little time in the normal social circles experienced by his peers. He displays a remarkable intelligence for his age, therefore is very open to new concepts and ideas. It is readily apparent that he has a vast capacity to learn and adapt to new lines of thinking. Most noteworthy is the relative ease with which he took on public speaking, given his young age, lack of any prior experience, and especially, his reserved nature. He is presently a very polished public speaker focused on motivational themes but could effortlessly transition to any subject or platform. It is for this reason that he has untapped potential and a vast mental capacity yet to be explored. Omar learns rapidly and applies concepts and procedures as instructed. He is patient and understanding and works hard when in the process of a project or activity. He applies all of these attributes into his boxing career and takes the sport very seriously. This is another example of his dedication and perseverance. Omar graduated from high school at the age of 16 through advance placement courses and is presently attending college.

Dad was amateur boxer but didn’t have support had to work. One day my boys will boxer. Grandfather Rudy I family of boxers, just amateur. Truck driver at 14 Matmortos Mexico, Brownsville.
Bag hanging from a tree boxers. Texas adventure camp rudy 10 omar 8. Only lasted two months. Community boxing club 2 years. Go to McCallen TX to get better sparring and notice boxing was bigger. Drive home in the shame because they would be beat up. We don’t give up. Started getting there. Doing good. Realized a bigger world in boxing. Fedencio Lopez was an official in the USA boxing one year. Alejandro Lucia. Dedicated to his boys 4 years. Omar was 16. And dad started training him. Helped them conquer their fears. Away for 30 days at a time. Rudy Rugged and tough. Omar was more finesse. Started following Cuban fighters. Cuban comes into the gym an MMA gym. Defected Cuba as a national coach. Coach Jorge Leva Houston. $200 a week for Omar and fell in love with him.

Omar is one of four siblings in his family. His older brother Rudy III is a sophomore in college and plays football. He walked on to his school and made the team based on his impressive 4.38 time on his 40 yard dash. He has since moved to a larger school that offered him a scholarship and is looking to start as running back this season. Omar’s younger brother Sebastian is 13 years old and is a special boxing talent as well. He has won numerous State and National Titles. He is fast, and an expert counter puncher out of the orthodox style. Omar’s sister Katya is a 12 year-old dancer who has already racked up numerous awards, scholarships and recognitions. Omar‘s mother Nancy is a hard-working, focused and successful businesswoman. She offices at home and travels for business, yet always maintains extremely active with her family’s activities. She is devout and solemn and who Omar most resembles. Nancy takes Katya to all of her dancing competitions in the same way Omar’s father Rudy takes the boys to boxing events. Omar’s father Rudy is a restless, hard-working, boxing dad in the classic sense. He espouses a thinking that nothing is ever good enough for his boys, and always seeks out better competition in order for them to improve. The result has been top rankings for both of them for some years now. Rudy is hard driving, disciplined, and self-motivated. The features Omar possesses include focus, drive, maturity, intelligence. These are due in large part to the close-knit family relationship, the mutual support they provide each other, and the stability of two hardworking parents.

Omar is 5’9” tall and has a long lightweight torso that he uses for effective defense and strategic positioning for attacks to the opponent’s body. He has very fast hands and feet. He covers space in the ring at a rapid pace, and therefore excels at defense and setups for his combinations. His weight is evenly distributed across his frame and is not heavier in one part of his body than another. He has superior balance and stubbornly maintains it during competition. This is part of the artistry in his style, as it presents itself as an effortless glide and re-establishment of his feet under his center of gravity.

While an amateur, Omar was ranked top 10 in the nation by USA Boxing. He has over 120 amateur fights and numerous state and national titles. Omar fights both right and left handed and uses the transition for deception. He is graceful and elegant in his style because of how he maintains his balance. He moves about in a controlled and balanced glide, punctuated by smooth pivots and small, quick shuffles. At this stage of his career, his most noteworthy attribute is his body punching. This part of boxing has consistently been at the center of attention for boxing fans for years. It has always been admired by boxing purists and is repeatedly mentioned by the pundits on televised events. Omar starts all encounters with careful prodding in the first minute and a half of the first round. He keeps his hands high and displays extreme caution, yet confidently builds points. When he has assessed the opponent’s speed and tastes his power, he starts to offer up opportunities for his opponent to attack. These opportunities are designed to entice the opponent into an engagement that Omar is ready for with counter punches, and deceptive dips and dives that convert into scoring opportunities, all while switching guards. He gains strength and his activity level and intensity actually increase with the passing of rounds. As Omar glides across the ring displaying elegance, maturity, concentration, and patience, a story develops that depicts the bullfighter weakening his adversary by jabbing colorful flags into its shoulders, weakening it so that the bullfighter can slowly and patiently get close enough to deliver the final, fatal thrust of his sword. It has been determined that if some of his 3 round decision losses, and even some of his wins had extended into four, six, or even eight rounds, Omar would have stopped these fighters because of the amount of punishment he delivers to the body. He has the classic perfect hook to the liver which he uses to frightening efficiency, but he also uses the transition from one guard to the other to deliver a hook to the solar-plexus and he deploys it with relative ease against fighters of any level. His body blows land hard and clean, without obstruction. That is to say that he launches these punches in a controlled method that almost always finds its mark as the opponent moves his arm out of the way. He will thrill audiences of every level of boxing knowledge because he is so methodical, fluid and athletic. He will generate admiration among everyone from the casual fan to the boxing purists who enjoy picking out the impressive parts of a fighter’s arsenal. Omar’s boxing style is so dynamic and multi-layered, that he will thrill audiences. They will admire his ability to glide across the ring effortlessly as he dominates his opponent through speed and intelligence. His looks, low key demeanor and personal style will endear him to fans of every level and create not only fan appreciation, but a more intense emotional affection because of who he is and what he will represent.