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• QUICK BIO: With a vocalist who was hand picked to sing for Steve Perry during his solo career and 2 members of the Grammy nominated band Great White, JOURNEY USA is a 'must see' band!
6/9/2023 7:20:49 AM
Anaheim CA - United States
•  Rock


Stu Saddoris-Singer
Tony Cardenas-Montana-Guitarist
Mark Kelly-Drummer
Jeffrey Bretz-Bass
Richard Graham-Keyboardist, Guitarist

Contact Stu Saddoris at 818-636-9093 or JourneyUSABand@gmail.com.



• BIO:
Journey USA is the closest thing to ‘70s & ‘80s Journey music you’ll ever hear!

Star with a singer who was hired to sing for Steve Perry during his solo career in the 90's. Add the rest of the band—a keyboardist with 20 years of experience mastering Journey's signature sounds, a guitarist who played and penned multiple hits for Great White in the ‘80s MTV era, a drummer who, alongside the guitarist, tours with Great White today—and you have Journey USA!

With an emphasis on crowd participation and high-energy performances, this talent-packed Journey tribute band captures the signature sound of the supergroup with hits like Don’t Stop Believing, Open Arms, Separate Ways, and Any Way You Want It, every song executed with stunning precision!

Since its inception, Journey USA has delivered dynamic performances to thousands of fans at casinos, fairs, festivals, private functions and corporate events, its members frequently appearing on AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.

If you want the best possible Journey experience out there, look no further—it’s Journey USA!