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• QUICK BIO: Motion Picture/T.V./and Gaming Industry Technical Adviser
7/19/2024 2:50:59 PM
Technical Advisor / Coordinator
Los Angeles CA - United States
•  Service [Film/TV/Gaming]

Patrick Garrity-Technical Advisor



• BIO:
Living in San Luis Obispo, California, PATRICK GARRITY (military technical advisor) privately trains civilians, military, and law enforcement in weapons marksmanship, tactics, self defense, home defense and empty hand disarmament.

Sgt. Patrick Garrity received an honorable discharge as a United States Marine Corps scout sniper in December, 2000. Since then, Garrity has operated as an executive protection agent, range master/instructor in many different disciplines, including: handgun, shotgun, practical rifle, precision rifle, ropes and rappel and VIP training. Garrity has operated in 18 different countries, trained foreign Special Forces and was the winner of the 1999 USMC 1st Marine Regiment crew served weapons competition, scout sniper portion.

“Shooter”, directed by Antoine Fuqua, was Garrity’s first major motion picture as a technical adviser. While working on “Shooter” he also served as Mark Wahlberg’s double, designed and fabricated costumes and props, consulted on script revisions, scene revisions, combat scene and martial arts choreography. Garrity trained actors on the set and conducted a sniper boot camp prior to filming. Most importantly he worked as a personal advisor to the producers, director, production staff, lead, and background actors.

Garrity's link on www.imbd.com will keep you up to date on his latest projects in various stages of development.