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• QUICK BIO: Swim. : A chosen path of four to propel themselves through life by using their minds, musical abilities, and events of life to narrate it. See: Rock & Roll.
4/15/2024 1:55:04 AM
Trenton NJ - United States
•  Rock [modern]

• INFLUENCES: Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, The Juliana Theory

Pat Brennan-bass, vocals
Vinny Caruso-lead vocals
Eric Schock-guitar, vocals
Steve Zegray-drums




• BIO:
NEW (and final) EP, 'Interitum' now on iTunes!! Click the Store link to download now!!


Nomads all, a rock quartet hailing from parts unknown PA and NJ endeavoring to craft songs they love for those who, when compelled by new horizons, wade out into waters unknown.

Informed by the heavily wonderful and thunderously addictive bands whose swells broke within the alternative undercurrent of their own youth, Swim. embark on this quest carrying an open invitation for any fans lost in the tides:

To break free;

To cut across the shallow whitecaps of music’s de facto screaming gloss, and return with them to an infinite, saturating depth in the expanse beyond...

"This is the ocean, This is why."

• Saturday, November 19, 2011  Ron (Gilbertsville, PA (USA))
  ++ AWESOME live show tonight in Chalfont, PA with swim.!! No words to describe. You have no idea what you missed. Everyone in this band is a phenomenal musician in their own right and the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts! Can't wait for the album (and world tour)!!