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Electronic Press Kits For Motivational Speakers is what we do!

Since 2007 we have been helping motivational speakers promote their skills and present their messages on six continents around the globe. Our service intelligently adapts to each user, providing infinite adaptability and promotional presence. If you don't enter any information into a particular module, that module will not appear on your PPK. Your PPK is now and always your PPK! We absolutely love and wholly support motivational speakers on myPPK!

electronic press kits for speakers

Electronic Press Kits for Speakers

"As an author and speaker, it's most important for potential clients to be able to view samples and  PPK makes this process a snap! I love the smooth video interface..."

~ Pam G

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Motivational speakers have been profiting from our service from the beginning. The myPPK service provides more than they need, but intelligently adapts to the needs of each user live-time, displaying only what is entered into the kit and nothing more.

Athletes, authors, preachers, poets, cancer survivors, victims, victors and many more rely on our service weekly to promote their skills and message to the world!

Set up a new Power Press Kit all by yourself in just minutes with no assistance needed from us! It's that easy! Each kit intelligently adapts to each individual user and includes a completely mobile-friendly version as well. Your new professional image and global promotional power are only moments away.

In addition, we provide hundreds of graphic-rich standard themes as well as custom themes to meet everyone's needs, every day.

Every PPK allows you to use only what you need or everything we offer. If a particular module doesn't suit your needs, don't enter any data into that module and the link / feature will never appear on your PPK.

You can also choose to have kit(s) setup in our exclusive Private Screening Room with Private Login Access so that only those to whom you give the password can view your kit(s) and access your exclusive multi-media files. This feature is perfect for advanced producer, engineer, promoter, management, songwriter, model, photographer, author, etc. users who only want to share a specific kit’s contents with a private, invite-only exclusive group and not with the general public. Setup public kit(s) to promote, setup private kit(s) to share the latest with the industry privileged and potential buyers! You can do it all right here, right now, on myPPK!

electronic press kits for speakers
"What a blessing you are. I am so happy with this great marketing tool. God bless you"
~ Leslie W

electronic press kits for speakers

"Many great things have happened to me and having a PPK has helped tremendously! My book has become an Amazon best seller."
~ Willie S