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2024 News blog - Electronic press kits

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Electronic Press Kits have grown increasingly popular in the 21st century. Not only on desktop platforms but progressively greater on mobile and tablet devices in recent years. Today’s industry experts – more than ever – demand quality information in a timely fashion that meets their requirements and looks great, allowing them to make their decision within seconds.
Dropping a physical press kit in the mail is an archaic, expensive, and ridiculous method of the past!

Ain’t Nobody got time for that!

So what are the most important things to look for before deciding on your ideal Electronic Press Kit Service?

1 ] Mobile-Friendly Compatibility

Mobile Electronic Press Kit
Let’s face it, in this day and age; if you aren’t mobile compatible, you are invisible! Any Electronic Press Kit Service of value is going to serve your kit – your image, your talent, your message – in completely mobile-compatible format as well as desktop and tablet formats, for all to see around the globe on the go! More and more, industry talent buyers are pressured to make decisions on the fly, literally in an airplane, with their laptop in the overhead compartment. Make your Electronic Press Kit the one that they see and like. Make sure the service you choose is clean and concise, professionally presents all of the information that they are looking for to make a decision quickly, and provides multiple options for contact including all of your social-media outlets.

2 ] Intelligently Adapts to Your Needs

Electronic Press Kit
There is, perhaps, nothing worse than a cookie-cutter Electronic Press Kit Service that was designed for one thing, and one thing only. If you are a performing artist, band, musician; that’s awesome. If you are a speaker, actor, comedian, magician, athlete, author, agencies, managent, product, brand, etc.; you need more! Let’s not stop there, how about if you are many of the above and need to adjust on the fly depending on what city you are arriving at next? Your Electronic Press Kit should adjust with you!

Beyond your genre, every detail of the Electronic Press Kit should adapt to you, immediately when you need, and always when you need. The navigation links (mobile, desktop, and tablet) should only be visible when you have information populated in that respective module. And the available modules should adapt to the information that you do or do not populate.

3 ] Informs You of Detailed Viewer Information

Electronic Press Kit
An Electronic Press Kit should provide you the option to send your kit in HTML or Plain Text formats via email. But what happens after it’s sent? Do you just sit and wait for your phone to ring or email to ping? You shouldn’t have to. A quality Electronic Press Kit Service will provide, not only your current total number of views, but detailed drill-down tracking information notifying you, live time, precisely when your kit is viewed, how often, and exactly by whom! And you should be able to log in to your admin panel and recall that information at any time for reference and follow up.

Additionally, it should save all of the email addresses you sent to and allow you to recall them quickly and easily to send to again. It should remember your exact message that you sent for quick reference. It should permit you to send to numerous individuals with one click of the button. Your time is too valuable!!

4 ] Attractive Standard Design Options

Electronic Press Kit
As often as your mood changes, you should be able to change the design theme of your Electronic Press Kit at the same time and instantly! There is zero need to settle for anything less! You are the unique you and the message, talent and inspiration that you create is uniquely you and should never be suppressed. The only way to do that live-time and with maximum effectiveness is to choose an Electronic Press Kit Service that is as eclectic as are you! Hundreds of graphic-rich design options should be available to you at the touch of a button, all of the time, anytime.

5 ] Attractive Custom Design Options

Electronic Press Kit
If hundreds of graphic-rich design options still don’t fit the bill because you are such a unique you, then your Electronic Press Kit Service should accommodate your existential needs! It should provide the option for you to have your one exclusive, totally-unique-you design. Sometimes, that is the only way that your message will be properly conveyed. Settle for nothing less.

6 ] Private Press Kit Screening Options

Private Electronic Press Kit
When you are pitching a new song, album, film, product, talent, customer, etc. that you are not ready to tell the world about, your Electronic Press Kit Service should permit you to do so with a Private Screening Room option. Only the people you give your personal access code to are able to view the Press Kit. You should be able to activate and deactivate this option as needed, as well as change the access code immediately as required.

7 ] Excellent Responsive Support 24/7/365

Electronic Press Kit
So, for the most part the Electronic Press Kit Service that you choose should be well-formatted enough, organized enough, detailed enough, and should include adequate support and help detail files that you can access the information you need, when you need. However, in the times when you are perhaps a bit… foggy and need someone, a real live person, to give you that extra boost, online support should be ready and available 24/7/365 with prompt, comprehensive and courteous response. Settle for nothing less!