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Electronic Press Kits For Agencies, Schools & Groups is what we do!

We have rocked the Electronic Press Kit experience for agencies, large groups, colleges and universities since 2007! We've worked with industry talent buyers, labels, producers, radio, TV, clubs, newspapers, magazines and the like for years and we constantly stay in tune with what they demand. The PPKs are built around what they demand, and what you need and want.

electronic press kits for agencies, schools, groups

Electronic Press Kits For Agencies, Schools, Large Groups

"Our faculty, realizing the necessity for digital promotion, searched for the best, most innovative, professional facility possible. We found it in myPPK."

~ Lesa W




You get everything outlined for individual kits PLUS...

This package is tailored specifically to colleges, universities, modeling agencies and other institutions which require prepaying for and managing dozens of kits at a time. PPK provides you with a special group code assigned to your organization and provides your organization with a FREE master PPK.

What a tremendous, inexpensive way to instruct students and groups on the finer points of advanced online global promotion techniques and technologies using the most recent industry requested, industry preferred standard for building an electronic press kit. The same service that is being used by GRAMMY winners, multi-platinum selling artists, American Idol finalists, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, World-Champion Athletes and many more on six continents!

How better to prepare students / models / members to be one step ahead of their competition and hit the ground running or to put all of your models / members in the forefront of the industry?

Utilize our new Private Screening Room option to share multi-media files ONLY with those in the industry / college / university with whom you share the Private Screening Room login password! You can turn this feature on or off for each kit with just a click, change the password as often as you like and more.

  • You get a FREE master kit to promote the program and / or easily keep track of the member's signup and activity
  • Your institution logo and link to your master kit will be automatically displayed on each member kit
  • Institution has complete continuity of course structure from semester to semester for ease of instruction
  • Each time a new member kit is setup under your exclusive group code, you receive a notification email and that kit is automatically added to the network link of your master kit
  • Security measures provided to ensure integrity of the program and individual kit setup
  • Customized length of subscription terms available to suit your specific program needs
  • Custom Themes can be provided for each kit to allow members to create and upload their own individual themes or have our team of designers complete each theme for you
  • Prepay for 10 or more kits. Only $50 per student / member per semester (or 6 months), or $100 per model / member per year!
  • Clean, comprehensive, organized, attractive and powerful with the ease of management available exclusively through myPPK!

Electronic Press Kit Starting at only $7.99/mo

  • One Year $95.88 USD (only $7.99 / month)
  • Six Months $59.94 USD (only $9.99 / month)
  • Three Months $35.97 USD (only $11.99 / month)
  • One Month $13.99 USD

Intelligently Adapts to Each User!

NO setup costs, NO upgrade fees, NO per-use fees, NO submit fees, NO promoter scams... EVER!

Cool enough to be your Website too!

For the cost to produce and mail one physical press kit, or purchase 1 beverage at your local club, you can send myPPK an unlimited number of times and endlessly increase your chances of exposure and success over an entire month or more!!

All payments are billed in full and in advance for the respective selected term. The equivalent per-month fee is shown so that you can easily understand the minimum investment compared to other monthly fees, expenses, beverages, condiments and similar services.

"We are extremely excited to partner with Impact Artist Promotions and myPPK as we direct and instruct our students in the art of promotion. We are a training ground for students interested in making a career in commercial music. It is our goal to provide cutting-edge, industry standard equipment and instruction. Our faculty, realizing the necessity for digital promotion, searched for the best, most innovative, professional facility possible. We found it in myPPK. " ~ Lesa W