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Electronic Press Kit Testimonials

We are extremely proud and honored to share with you a few of the comments and testimonials below that some of our users have shared with us over the years. It makes work that much harder every day to continue to provide the level of service and quality of product that experts in the industry rely on every day to promote their skills to the world.

electronic press kit testimonials

Electronic Press Kit Testimonials

"We cannot say enough good things about our experience with our electronic press kit... myPPK was clearly instrumental in our success to date!!"

~ Lucas A

  Love you guys! I have gotten so much work from you! Thank you!
   • Elisa Furr (Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer) Las Vegas, NV (USA)

  We're brand new to PPK! I can't find anything I don't like about it. We absolutely love everything…especially the tracking of send/opened PPKs. Everything is easy to navigate and edit. Can't say enough. In addition to playing music, we also own a recording studio and I've got the go ahead from one of my recording studio clients to set up a new PPK for her as well (she loved ours) Have used other EPK providers and plenty of social media and in my opinion Power Press Kits is the best! Keep up the good work!
   • Budapest West (World) - Gig Harbor, WA (USA)

  Thanks Power Press Kits for such an amazing opportunity!!! I wouldn't choose any other service to represent me. You have provided me with just the right tools to put my best foot forward! You Rock!!!!
   • JoAnna Johnson "The Soul Stringer" (Soul/Jazz Violin) Atlanta, GA (USA)

  Congratulations on your Electronic Press Kit. I've looked into many and yours is by far the best! I'm very happy with mine through your service!
   • Anna Maria Mendieta & Tango Del Cielo (Performing Artist) San Francisco CA (USA)

  Wow..Thank you to the entire team there. I really appreciate the love and support. Glad i found you guys..LOVE what you do.
   • Tyler Noel (Singer/Songwriter) Atlanta, GA (USA)

  You rock! I am so excited! Your customer service is the reason why I signed up immediately! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
   • Jenn DeLeo (Actress / Model) Los Angeles, CA

  You guys are great!!! It's a wonderful service!! I love your PPK and the service it has provided. It’s been so helpful to me in keeping my career on point!
   • Anna Maria Mendieta - San Francisco CA

  You will be pleased to know that since adding your product as a sales tool, our Company has seen a spike in our sales closure rates. We find that our customers, promoters, agents and venue operators can easily use your professional press kit as an aid in determining which of our artists best meets their needs.

Furthermore, the broad landscape of what the kit offers has time and again proven to make a difference with our customers when closing a sale. So thank you for that.
   • Marucci Artist Management - Annapolis, MD (USA)

  Power Press Kits...its because of your fantastic platform that the word is spreading about what women are doing in jazz. Thank You!!!!
   • Gail Jhonson (Grammy-nominated Jazz composer & artist) Los Angeles, CA (USA)

  What a blessing you are. I am so happy with this great marketing tool. God bless you.
~ Leslie
(One of eleven Americans to escape Jonestown, Guyana and under the infamous Jim Jones, through the jungle walking thirty seven miles with her three year old son strapped to her back when over 918 Americans would die in a mass suicide/massacre.)
   • Leslie Wagner-Wilson (Author, Motivational Speaker, Survivor) - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

  This is great! The best EPK out there! We LOVE PPK!!
(Often described as 'that lady in red', Karen Briggs’ fiery performances on violin in the multi-platinum selling, "Live at the Acropolis" PBS special have been seen by literally millions of people around the world. In fact, the PBS special has been seen in 65 countries by half a billion people and is the second best-selling music video of all time behind Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.")
   • Karen Briggs (World-renowned solo violinist) North Hollywood, CA (USA)

  I've been asked several times lately to provide EPK's and wasn't exactly sure what they were or what they should include. After some research, I tried to make my own, but was stumped as to how to get mega megs of data (songs and video) to people without clogging their computers. I stumbled across myPPK on a Google search and felt GREAT relief to see a painless way to get it done, look good, and use THEIR server space. The amount of dough you'll save in a year from not having to send out physical packages is well worth the membership fee!
   • Jennifer Batten (Legendary Rock Guitarist for Michael Jackson & Jeff Beck + Solo albums)

  The Creative Arts Department of South Plains College is extremely excited to partner with Impact Artist Promotions and myPPK as we direct and instruct our students in the art of promotion. We are a training ground for students interested in making a career in commercial music. It is our goal to provide cutting-edge,industry standard equipment and instruction. Our faculty, realizing the necessity for digital promotion, searched for the best, most innovative, professional facility possible. We found it in myPPK . It is our intention to partner with myPPK and provide our students with the edge they will need to succeed in this business. I cannot fully express my excitement and gratitude for the way Mr. Schock has crafted a program that will give my students a head start on their competition.
   • Lesa Wood (Assistant Professor of Music, Departmental Coordinator, South Plains College) Levelland, TX (USA)

  Well I'll be! Creating my power press kit was a smart deal! Just got a call for a 10 day gig starting Tues! Secondly new agent representation from another agent. Off to the BAHAMAS !!!! Woo hoo!!!!! Thank you PPK! It really really works!!

Power press Kits ROCK!. I am getting about 100 hits an hour! It is up to 1,000 hits today. This is definitely the best advertisement and marketing I have ever had. EVER! Thank you so much for the (home-page) feature. I also got my Cruise ship headline gig from PPK. This is one lucky week for me.
   • Elisa Furr Talent and Productions - Las Vegas, NV

  I am super-stoked to use my Power Press Kit. I signed up and started using it less than a week ago and already have gigs lined up and positive responses from talent buyers and artistic directors. No more email pitches with a bunch of links in them. What a great tool, especially since I and several colleauges nation-wide are in our second year of boycotting "those other guys" that make you pay to submit for gigs and basically throw your money down the toilet. A big thank you to Power Press Kits.
   • Kent McCalister (Folk / Roots artist) Vancouver British Columbia (CA)

  Power Press Kits is an invaluable resource to this ministry that God has placed me in. My PPK allows me to provide all of the pertinent information needed by event coordinators in a very user-friendly package. Many thanks go out to Power Press Kits for assisting me in securing the 115 events that I performed and spoke at all over North America in 2010. Through your assistance - thousands of lives were touched by Jesus Christ last year. You are definitely a gift from God. Blessings to you all!!!
   • Brian Neal (Contemporary Christian recording artist, Performer, Speaker) Lancaster, PA (USA)

  PPK has done a lot for Pastor Tony Hibbert II, we use it to promote his ministry and also its a great place where people can go to see all about Tony Hibbert II through a quick look site. Pastor Tony just came off a 3 week tour of the West Coast to promote his Christmas CD and PPK played a huge role in solidifying events. We feel that PPK has helped enhance the ministry of Pastor Tony and has aided in helping us bring the Gospel to thousands.
   • Tony Hibbert II (Contemporary Christian / R&B performer) Newburgh, NY (USA)

  Blessings All...
This press kit is very easy for me or a team member to send my info quickly and creatively to promoters , agents, or industry contacts to further my career. I love the fact that I can manipulate the site whenever I want to add or delete content. I thank you for all you do for the independent artist.
   • Sharon Brown - I Specialize in Love (Singer / Songwriter - Dance) Harlem, NY (USA)

  Thanks to myPPK - Power Press Kits. They have help my career as a model and changed my Life. I'm so happy to be working with them. If you're a model, singer, actor, stylist, make-up aritst, you must join this site! They have helped me get to where I am today, faster.
   • Sidney WIlson (Celebrity Fitness Trainer / Wilhelmina Fitness Model) New York, NY

  I use my PPK to book my women's event entitled ‘Live Laugh Love’. By using PPK, I have grown from a local ministry to regional one. My bookings for ‘Live Laugh Love’ have increased 50% since I started using my PPK as my initial form of contact and one-stop shop for this event.
   • Trish Torline (Contemporary Christian Singer, Songwriter and Speaker) Winchester, KY (USA)

  Marucci Artist Management Inc. was approaching the expiration date with our then current electronic press kit provider when one of your clients told us about Impact Artist Promotions and your product. After only a brief
investigation my partner and I decided to make the switch. It was immediately obvious that your firm was providing a superior product at a lower cost. That was in December of 2009 and we have not looked back since. Why? Your PPK is not only flexible, easy to navigate, and attractive but it has proved to be thoroughly effective in securing gigs for all of the Artists on our roster.

As owner and a member of the sales staff I am very pleased with the platform design and how it allows me to constantly update, edit and accumulate information, which saves me valuable time and effort. We are also finding it refreshing that our artists are not financially pick-pocketed with additional fees for EPK submissions. Our former supplier had fees attached to most opportunities.

I am pleased to say that many of our third party principals; Promoters, Venue Operators and Agents ; who initially indicated that they only accepted submissions through a specific EPK provider, have come around and
are actually more impressed with your presentation than what they were accustomed. The quality of the customizable graphic design of the PPK allows our Artists to “stand out from the crowd”, which is precisely
what we need in this saturated talent market of today.

Suffice it to say that Marucci Artist Management Inc. is a truly satisfied customer and we heartily recommend your product to any Artist or Agency that is serious about promotion.

Representing: Niki Barr Band, Fosterchild & American Giant
   • Michael Marucci - (President Marucci Artist Managment) Annapolis, MD (USA)

  Wow!! You guys are incredible!! Thank you, myPPK!!!!! This was just what I needed to give my career a professional jump start. I love how easy the site was to understand and use. It's inexpensive, fast and a brilliant way to network. I got immediate feedback and work as a result. The support team is detailed in their responses and I actually feel like I'm talking to someone...not just a link to FAQ's.

Thanks a million. I'm glad you guys aren't charging commission (on the work I get). LOL!
   • Nayanna Holley - (Sheryl Crow, Queen Latifah, etc.) Los Angeles, CA

  Thanks for the support it's much appreciated. You've got a seriously useful (and easy to use) piece of kit, something that can be hard to find in all the noise out there. All the very best.
   • Preston Reed - Glasgow, UK (Guitar Legend - pioneer two-hand tapping)

  I stumbled on Power Press Kits while researching elements to include in an EPK for my website. When I saw what PPK could do, my only question was “How much?” And that answer amazed me!

Honestly, as a Christian I’ve had some internal conflict on publicity. I don’t want to be plowing through doors and pushing myself. At the same time, though, I have to be responsible and steward the message God has given me. PPK has taken the angst out of the process. The kit is easy to create, easy to update, and easy to pass around. With PPK, I can be responsible without being pushy, professional but not passive.

Right now I’m using PPK primarily for booking. I love the smooth video interface with Vimeo and the ability to upload as much content as I like. As an author and speaker, it’s important for potential clients to be able to view samples and PPK makes this process a snap!

While I speak primarily in the Chicagoland area, 2010 took me to Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I also appear in a video blog Bible study for Precept Ministries International that reaches worldwide.
   • Pam Gillaspie (Author, Bible Teacher, Speaker) Gurnee, IL (USA)

  I am really happy with my PPK and the fact that it was actually easy to set-up (no false advertisement here). The best part is, I don't have to depend on other people to make changes to my PPK, I can do it my self in a few minutes with no stress and I don't need to know how to write code etc. I tried other programs that promissed I could create a website in a short amount of time. However, this was never the case and I had to be on the phone with tech support to incorporate basic changes which made me feel that I was not in control of my webite (not a good feeling). My PPK has been the answer to my prayers for a quick, easy and a great looking site for my fans and industry professionals to connect with me. Thank you.
   • Shawnda (Urban / R&B / Pop), Los Angeles, CA (USA)

  I am extremely impressed with the options that PPK offers, and the ease with which to implement these features. Fantastic program!
   • Tiffany Desrosiers (Adult Contemporary Artist) - Langley, British Columbia (CA)

  I LOVE your PPK program!!! I was able to set it up for my business while I was in Europe and it's been really great to have especially with me traveling so much! SO glad you guys are there with this program!!! I love love love it!!!
   • Arlene - (GoGo Gear by ScooterGirls) | Los Angeles, CA (USA)

  Thank you so much. The site has worked wonders for me. PPK ROCKS. im getting to become a little celebrity thanks to you PPK... I'm getting a lot of reviews and meeting great people through your online press kit. Thanks so much guys for working fast and helping me pave the way in 2009. Let's do more great things together in 2010.

   • Sidney Wilson - (Model Celebrity Personal Trainer/Actor) New York, NY

  myPPK is the best tool I have found to help jumpstart my career as a Professional Voice Over Talent. One simple page packed with all the information my future clients need to know. From press listings to photos to audio samples of my work to reviews from previous clients, its all there. The site is super easy to use, the kit is super easy to send and print and clients are impressed when they see it. It's a great promotional tool for anyone. And you can try it for free! Nothing compares to myPPK!
   • Roxi - Salisbury, MD USA (Voice-Over Talent / On-Air Personality)

  If you are a musician or an artist, you realize that the talent buyer has contacted not only you, but several other musicians and artists for a gig. Your chances of getting that gig are far greater if you can respond quickly with a better looking press kit than the other artists. Power Press Kits has given both my bands the resources to deliver a professional looking press kit 24 hours a day. It saves time and buckets of money that I would have spent sending press kits in the mail.

I have made the switch from (standard EPK) to Power Press kits because of the overall comparison in looks and options. Plus, I have discovered that there are promoters willing to take your money through "(standard EPK) Opportunities" submission fees without really having any opportunities for you. In my opinion, (standard EPK) really cheapens the service when they allow subscribers to pay submission fees to promoters for opportunities that really don't exist.

Power Press Kits, plain and simple, delivers my press kit 24 hours a day with no garbage attached!
   • Dave Downer - Chicago, IL (The Crown Vics and the Rhythm Rockets)

  I'm a songwriter. I want to write songs and play music. I don't want to spend all of my time on the computer putting together the various forms of promo that seem to be necessary in this career. (I do it, but I don't want to.) The Power Press Kit was the easiest program to use - ever! I was able to put together a very professional looking press kit in no time. It was actually fun. Thank you for creating the most user friendly site I have ever used.
   • David Luning - (Singer / Songwriter) | Forestville, CA (USA)

  My you're quick and I have to say impressing me even further with your services! Believe me; EVERYONE I know will know about your Power Press Kits!

Everyone I know will get a peek at my PPK & my endorsement (for whatever that's worth)... I’ve just cancelled my subscription to the "other" epk service that I had. I NEVER liked their business practices. As far as I am concerned, you're THE best and you are not financially penalizing the artists for needing to use your service or submit for gigs. I am dead set against a "pay-to-play" model and so I’m hooked on your service!

And finally thank you for taking the time to respond to me. As president, ceo, bandleader, lead vocalist, lyricist & head dishwasher :-) of my own organization, I very much appreciate how busy you must be and this simple act on your part speaks volumes to me!

All I can say is THAT YOU ARE AMAZING to work with! Finally a company who KNOWS and BREATHES service! Thank you!
   • Carmen Milagro - San Francisco, CA (The Carmen Milagro Band)

  You all are the BOMB! I will tell everyone about it as a great tool and resource to use!

   • Ashli - Oddity Magazine

  I love the concept and the professionalism (myPPK) brings. I am spreading the word! Onward and upward

   • Jim Winterton (Championship Racquetball Coach) Liverpool, NY (USA)

  I've witnessed the change from records and cassette tapes to CD's- CD's to MP3's and wav files, 2track tape to pro-tools, rack effects to plug ins and now this - a sloppy 8x10, a piece of paper and a CD in a folder to a very organized, efficient, AFFORDABLE and way convenient on-line package in PPK that can be sent with the greatest of ease and - once received - can't just sit in a stack of papers on an exec's desk.

So many times from tour I was able to quickly email my PPK from my hand-held to artists and industry people who were looking for the next hit song yesterday. Having the ability to change myPPK on the fly saves hundreds of dollars on the printing and reprinting of pictures and bio redo's. PPK is a career saver and it is truly a necessity in today’s market.

PPK, don't leave home for your next gig without it!!!
   • Jon DeLise - Philadelphia, PA

  Electronic press kits are the ONLY way to go these days! Musicians save money and postage--and are able to keep their press kit up to the minute! And myPPK is simply the best electronic press kit service out there.

We recently switched over to myPPK and have nothing but raves for your company! Not only is your press kit far and away the most professional looking of all, we appreciate some very critical elements that are not available anywhere else.

One of the most valuable services that myPPK offers is instant hits tracking. Whenever Ron's press kit is viewed, we get an instant email alerting us and telling us WHO just looked at it. We send out hundreds if not thousands of inquiries a year to potential talent buyers--knowing who just viewed it allows us to follow up immediately.

myPPK Customer Support ROCKS! They are available seven days a week and always respond to inquiries within MINUTES. The team at myPPK goes above and beyond to help make our PPK the best it can be. When you represent the best, you want the best, and we now have the best--myPPK!

I highly recommend myPPK to everyone.
   • Jackie McCort [Manager "Ron Thompson"] - San Fran, CA (USA)

  You deserve the best since you ARE the best! PPK - it's not just for musicians!
   • Paula T Seizmore (Author / Poet) - Ypsilanti MI (USA)

  Thank you PPK for taking our common way of sending promo packages to a new state-of-the-art way. The quality of your product is phenomenal. We travel all over the world, this new ppk is a powerful tool to continue displaying what God has blessed us with in the spirit of excellence. You have taken us to a new level. May your New Year bring your company much continued success. Enjoy the Holiday Season! God Bless.
   • Stephen & Candy LaFlora - Chicago, IL (USA)

  Power Press Kit is by far the BEST electronic press kit availible!
   • John [September Hase] - Nashville, TN (USA)

  Thanks so much for your help... myPPK has proven to be a great promotional tool, and thanks to it, I have been traveling all over the country with my one-man show. So I am a huge fan of your product. And since I upgraded to a customized PPK, which you all designed for me and which I love, my PPK has been getting even more hits. So I am grateful for your work!

   • R. Dale Smith (One-Man Show, 'Jesus Phreak')

  It's such a please dealing with you guys, and Eric did a stellar job in (designing our custom them)... You guys really rock!
   • Toni (CR Avery) - Vancouver British Columbia - Canada

  Wow! This is by far the best and most user-friendly promotional site i have found. I have searched similar sites for a week, but my search was over when i found myppk.com. Thank you for making promoting bands so much easier for the promoters that aren't super computer saavy. Kudos x 100... You guys are awesome.
   • Jaclyn Floyd (And The Angels Were Silent) - Clarksville, AR (USA)

  We have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars since switching to PPK. We absolutely LOVE this service!! It's nothing short of genius! First, we save hundreds by not printing and sending out dozens of physical press kits every month. That was killing us. Second we save hundreds by not getting scammed like we were back when we had a (standard EPK). They charged us every time we submitted and often we never even heard back from the places we submitted. I have no idea where that money went.

Since switching to Power Press Kits, not only have we saved big money and gone ‘green’ to help the planet, we’ve been more successful because talent buyers love the product too and how it’s professional, organized and easy to use. We only pay our cheap annual subscription and submit like crazy every month. And, the PPK tracking features are AWESOME. We know exactly where we sent and when and who viewed it and when. We can’t imagine promoting our band any other way. PPKs are the bomb!!
   • Tyler (Not Alone band) - Gilbertsville, PA (USA)

  We've found myPPK to be Powerful, Powerful, Powerful! Take it from us "POWER"! It's the best tool in our arsenal "Bag of Marketing"!

Peace Love & Power Press Kits Baby!

   • Darryl ["Power" band] - Twin Cities, MN (USA)

  You are amazing! Thank you! There simply is NO better customer response team out there...in any field that i know of.
   • Carmen Milagro - San Fransico, CA (USA)

  Yours is an excellent service and product and I am very happy that I made the decision to switch over to you from another company :)
   • Jim Armstrong [Sonic Deli Records] Toronto, ON (CN)

  I must say that I am extremely pleased and impressed by your product! I am sharing your sight with several indie artists and hope that they too will decide to take advantage of your great product (and prices).
   • Paula T Sizemore - Ypsilanti, MI (Author / Poet)

  My Manager developed a PPK for me using your service. I am very pleased with it and I feel it is one of the best things that has ever happened to my career as far as promotion is concerned. We are using this promotional tool to the fullest extent. I thank you for the service and look forward to using it for a long, long time to come!
   • Michael Harding - Nashville, TN (USA)

  I'm not one for testimonials, but I just had to write about myPPK.com. Trolling the internet for new ideas on press kits, I was pleasantly surprised by myPPK.com. Not only was it innovative, but the rates were reasonable. It was really the sample kit that sold me. I was able to create a full press kit as a sample (very easy) and once I became a member, it was great to not have to start all over again (time-saver...GENIUS!!). That alone was worth my full year's subscription. myPPK.com is one of the best ideas/sites I've come across, I'm talking 'since-sliced-bread' great!
   • M. Thomas-Hanson [Buzz'd Mgt - DJ Prince Cee] - NY, NY (USA)

  I am very impressed with this service and will be using it moving forward for all of our artists. This is an excellent marketing tool. Thanks.
   • Suzette [Dear Savannah] - Atlanta, GA (USA)

  I just wanted to say that I love the way myPPK allows me to have a streamlined layout that's easy for Industry execs to understand and navigate. It is also amazing how easy it is to track who I email it to and get notifications when someone views my PPK. If someone tells me they have viewed it and they haven't, I could keep sending it to them or wait until they do and contact them with a follow up Thank You letter. The PDF section allows for me to easily add large amounts of review charts and comments I get from Dj's. This service to me is like a compact business proposal that is cost effective and great for the environment being that it's paperless.
   • Flawless - Jamaica, NY (USA)

  CMG is a soon-to-be-former affiliate with another online press kit service. Upon becoming disgruntled with their unprofessional ways, we happened upon your insightful product...no gimmicks, no paying for gig leads...just professional entertainment service! CMG is in the beginning stages with PPK but it bodes for a long relationship thus far. Keep up the "visionary professionalism"!
   • Cherubim Musik Group - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

  Hey thanks for all you guys do for me. Your site has done some great things for me and my career...
   • Harley Jay - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

  Hi, thanx to you i'm about to get my first write up in tha states. A new york mag showed interest but wanted an epk. At first i panicked for not having one and thought i was about to blow my chance. Then i took a deep breath, put epk in the search engine and clicked on you guys, then i let out a huge sigh of relief. You made it sooooo easy. I was able to fill it in, upload my trax and photos with ease and send it off. Simple as that. Within a day or two tha mag came back and confirmed they were going ahead with tha write up. I'm already receiving radio play in tha states so a write up was tha icing on tha cake and hopefully tha start of many more now that i've got my epk to send out. Thanx for making a difference. Much luv, Mama Chill xxx
   • Mama Chill - Watford, UK

  Thank you so much for having me as the featured press kit. Your service has been awesome and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship.
   • Johnny Watson - Bloomfield, NJ USA

  I'm really enjoying your service and it has done wonders for my career. Clients are very impressed with the easy access to my information and the navigation. PPK is also helpful because I can send my information to a client immediately. All I can say is thanks!
   • DJ HENROC - Oakland, CA

  Thanks for continuing to do this ONE THING so well! Of course, we have a myspace, a website, and also many other "free" sites. But myPPK just continues to do exactly what you are set up to do. Thankfully, no extra promises. Having an EPK that is so very easy to update and that includes all the bells and whistles we need is very worth the minor fee you charge.
   • Jackie McCort [Manager "Ron Thompson"] - San Fran, CA (USA)

  Most Electronic Press Kits only cater to the music industry. But this PPK can be modified to work for Pro Anglers too!! I love it.

Thank you so very much for providing a quality product such as this. I have searched for an electronic press kit and this is by far a more superior product. Thanks... I get nothing but compliments on my PPK!!
   • Sabrina Thompson (Pro Angler) Houston, TX (USA)

  I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and support of the myPPK Power Press Kit module. I have been able to set up my presskit with such ease. The most impressive feature is the speed with which the support team works to enhance the functionality of our presskits... Thank you so much for all the great support you provide your clients.
   • Edna [Artist Rep for WEAVA] - Hoover, AL (USA)

  Thanks guys! you are doing a great job...and offer a great service!
   • Tim Sanphy - Celtic: Elmira-Ithaca, NY USA

  I am 15 years old and just purchased my PPK. Since creating my PPK, I have been contacted by some major players in the music industry. The set up was extremely easy, and since the price is so economical, I was able to pay for the subscription with my allowance.

Anyone who is looking for exposure, this is the way to go. You will be surprised at who visits this site.

Thank you myPPK.com, I will remember you when I make it to the top!
   • Ka-Moni (Hip-Hop / Rap) Miami Gardens, FL (USA)

  I want to take a minute and thank all of you so much for all of your help. Everyone has been totally responsive, professional and helpful from beginning to end. You helped me set up my package, helped me clean up the sound of my audio and my custom theme is just unbelieveable.

I was hesitant in the beginning to spend my money on anything else in an attempt to give my music business the kick that it needed to get the right attention. I have spent so much money on so many different things including other press kits, but guys, I gotta tell you, nothing that I have done in the past compares to myPPK. It is worth every penny that I spent. If this doesn't help me get the attention that I need, nothing will.

Thanks again for everything.
   • Michelle & JD Hall: Chatsworth, CA USA

  You've got the power! Or you do now, anyway. Impact Artist Promotions just released a new promotional tool for artists, musicians, actors, and anyone else out there with a talent to show off.

The tool in question? Power Press Kits - kind of like the press kits of years past, but so much cooler and more technologically advanced. For one thing, they're completely electronic - everything's online - so you can say a cheerful goodbye to spending an exorbitant amount of money and time on making hundreds of expensive copies in Kinko's, reproducing your CD and photo, and organizing and mailing your kits. There's a much easier method... The concept of an online press kit seems like a no-brainer, but it takes someone dedicated to actually put the idea into motion...

And what's really cool about the PPKs is that you'll have the complete freedom to design your PPK just the way you like it... Even if you have very little web knowledge, you'll be able to set up your own PPK without any help, in the time that it would take to make and eat a PB&J sandwich. Yup, that's fast! So go ahead, kids. Put yourself out there. PLAY'll be watching for you - send us your PPK.
   • PLAY Magazine - Philadelphia, PA USA

  I am looking forward to the service, as it is a perfect way for me to make all my information available --- This is a genius idea & a real necessity for those of us in this line of work!
   • HLW - Pop/Rock: New York, NY USA

  MyPPK is the ONLY tool you need!! I not only love it but every one that has viewed it has been so impressed by it. It is so user friendly and the myPPK support team is just fabulous!! Real live people correspond with you…..they are constantly upgrading and making changes, all for the better. The response to it has been so positive. Many managers, clubs etc. don’t want to wade through paper, they just love myPPK……point and click……how easy is that?!!
   • Gail - Band Rep for Carey Worrod & Memphis Mudd: Toronto, ON CA

  I just signed-up and became an official member of PPK. It’s such a great tool I didn’t want to wait out my free time period! I’ve been trying to figure out how best to market my free-lance voice work. I’ve had work come to me by word of mouth but I got to thinking that if I tried to market my services that I might do pretty well. Just as the thought was crystallizing in my mind I discovered PPK.

I’m excited about PPK because it’s easy to use, looks professional and instead of having a potential client do the work of going to a web site, I can make it easy for them by sending my site to them. Plus this is something I can afford. You’ve given me a tool that has ignited the fire. Thank you so much!!! Let me know if you need any voice work. I’ll be glad to contribute something to your success because I think we can all benefit from this great idea.
   • Dory Hayman - Voice-Over Talent: Salisbury, MD USA

  Wow...i don't know what to say... I have to honestly say that your site is the most user friendly that i've seen so far, and the fact that you guys answer emails say alot!
   • Dave - Quito and the EDGE! Tortola, Virgin Islands, British

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