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Electronic Press Kits For Bands is what we do!

We have kicked butt promoting bands on six continents around the globe since 2007! Standing on street corners and handing out fliers, hanging posters, going total old-school promo. Been there, done that! We've worked with industry talent buyers, labels, producers, radio, TV, clubs, newspapers, magazines and the like for years and we constantly stay in tune with what they demand. The PPKs are built around what they demand, and what you need and want.

electronic press kits for bands

Electronic Press Kits For Bands

"We immediately fell in love with the user-friendly interfaces. In a short time we had an impressive looking EPK and began using it to book shows almost immediately."

~ Rob R

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Wow! Do we know bands?! In fact, promoting our own bands and many others is what started our business from day one! We've done it all from old-school promotion of photo shoots on train tracks, handing out fliers on the streets, and hanging posters on telephone poles, to booking gigs, dealing with the drama of clubs, humping up and down the coast in a beat-up van, breaking strings and having gear stolen to working with Grammy-nominated producers and opening for national signed acts. Yes, we know bands and what you need!

Every PPK allows you to use only what you need or everything we offer. If a particular module doesn't suit your needs, don't enter any data into that module and the link / feature will never appear on your PPK.

You can also choose to have kit(s) setup in our exclusive Private Screening Room with Private Login Access so that only those to whom you give the password can view your kit(s) and access your exclusive multi-media files. This feature is perfect for advanced producer, engineer, promoter, management, songwriter, model, photographer, author, etc. users who only want to share a specific kit’s contents with a private, invite-only exclusive group and not with the general public. Setup public kit(s) to promote, setup private kit(s) to share the latest with the industry privileged and potential buyers! You can do it all right here, right now, on myPPK!

Set up a new Power Press Kit all by yourself in just minutes with no assistance needed from us! It's that easy! Each kit intelligently adapts to each individual user and includes a completely mobile-friendly version as well. Your new professional image and global promotional power are only moments away.

electronic press kits for bands

“We cannot say enough good things about our experience with our electronic press kit. It says a lot when a bunch of unknowns from Vermont can get international notice in the jazz world. myPPK was clearly instrumental in our success to date!!”
~ Lucas A

"As we are musicians and not web designers, we immediately fell in love with the user-friendly interfaces. In a short time we had an impressive looking EPK and began using it to book shows almost immediately. We even closed down our old website and now use our PPK as our website and are quite happy. Can’t say enough good stuff about Power Press Kits."
~ Rob R