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Electronic Press Kits For Artists is what we do!

We have been helping artists promote their skills to the world on six continents since 2007. We've worked with industry talent buyers, labels, producers, radio, TV, clubs, newspapers, magazines and the like for years and we constantly stay in tune with what they demand. Beyond that, we use our service too! Many of our staff are performing artists and use the PPK service to book gigs and promote their skills.

electronic press kits for artists

Electronic Press Kits for Artists

"myPPK is the best tool I have found to help jumpstart my career as a Professional Voice Over Talent"

~ Rebecca R

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As a performing artists, we love and respect your art. It's your voice, your aura, your... you. We come from that same background and many on our team are active performing artists voicing their voice in venues and on stages all over the region! We use our service too, every week. We know you and what you need.

Set up a new Power Press Kit all by yourself in just minutes with no assistance needed from us! It's that easy! Each kit intelligently adapts to each individual user and includes a completely mobile-friendly version as well. Your new professional image and global promotional power are only moments away.

Every PPK allows you to use only what you need or everything we offer. If a particular module doesn't suit your needs, don't enter any data into that module and the link / feature will never appear on your PPK.

You can also choose to have kit(s) setup in our exclusive Private Screening Room with Private Login Access so that only those to whom you give the password can view your kit(s) and access your exclusive multi-media files. This feature is perfect for advanced producer, engineer, promoter, management, songwriter, model, photographer, author, etc. users who only want to share a specific kit’s contents with a private, invite-only exclusive group and not with the general public. Setup public kit(s) to promote, setup private kit(s) to share the latest with the industry privileged and potential buyers! You can do it all right here, right now, on myPPK!

So, you already have a website and a Facebook, what does a PPK do that they can't? Well, we're so glad you asked! Your PPK...

  • Allows you to easily send your information in attractive HTML format or plain-text format via email to up to 20 people at the same time
  • Complete mobile-friendly browsing format
  • Remembers everyone to whom you sent and when and what you said for quick recall
  • Provides instant recall of email addresses to whom you sent for quick follow-up sending
  • Notifies you live-time and remembers when someone to whom you sent views your kit so you can follow up and increase your chances of closing the deal
  • Other people can send your kit while viewing and you will receive live-time notification of who it was sent to and what was said
  • Preferred and requested by, and familiar to industry talent buyers, producers, agencies, etc. around the globe
  • Private Screening Room feature
  • Your audio MP3s will sound better here! We do not compress them at all!
  • Your photos will look better here! We do not compress them at all!
  • Socail sharebuttons: Anyone viewing your kit can quickly, professionally and easily share your kit to their own respective social media pages
  • Pre-formatted print feature including photos and all pertinent info on one easy sheet for the talent buyers that require having a hard copy for their files
  • 100% dynamic. You have the power at your fingertips to easily change any of the info or design features any time 24/7 with no knowledge of HTML or web design and without having to wait for a web guy to do it for you
  • Live Twitter Feed easy one-click inclusion on your home page
  • Switch between hundreds of graphic-rich themes instantly with one click of the button, or order a custom theme
  • Link to other PPK users on your PPK and exchange promotion efforts
  • UNLIMITED videos
  • UNLIMITED FREE sending
  • PDF download page for hi-res head shots, riders, lyric sheets, tear sheets, contracts, etc. with link to a free PDF creator
  • Receive and manage favorable comments from visitors which talent buyers love to see
  • Dynamic performance / appearance schedule that can be embedded in other websites and subscribed to by visitors who will be automatically notified in their email every time you update your schedule
  • Pre-formatted printable performance / appearance schedule
  • Seven-day / 365 online support, quick, courteous and comprehensive
  • And much more that you'll figure out when you sign up and check it out for FREE

Oh, and if, by chance, you don't have a website - uh yeah - your PPK can easily be that too without a second thought.

Electronic Press Kit Starting at only $7.99/mo

  • One Year $95.88 USD (only $7.99 / month)
  • Six Months $59.94 USD (only $9.99 / month)
  • Three Months $35.97 USD (only $11.99 / month)
  • One Month $13.99 USD

Intelligently Adapts to Each User!

NO setup costs, NO upgrade fees, NO per-use fees, NO submit fees, NO promoter scams... EVER!

Cool enough to be your Website too!

For the cost to produce and mail one physical press kit, or purchase 1 beverage at your local club, you can send myPPK an unlimited number of times and endlessly increase your chances of exposure and success over an entire month or more!!

All payments are billed in full and in advance for the respective selected term. The equivalent per-month fee is shown so that you can easily understand the minimum investment compared to other monthly fees, expenses, beverages, condiments and similar services.

"What a blessing you are. I am so happy with this great marketing tool. God bless you"
~ Leslie W

electronic press kits for artists

“Within a week of designing my Power Press Kit I have already booked three shows!”
~ James T

“myPPK is simply the best electronic press kit service out there. We recently switched over to myPPK and have nothing but raves for your company! Not only is your press kit far and away the most professional looking of all, we appreciate some very critical elements that are not available anywhere else!”
~ Jackie M