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Electronic Press Kits For Management is what we do!

We have constantly evolved to assisting management agencies in promoting their artists around the globe since 2007! We've worked with industry talent buyers, labels, producers, radio, TV, clubs, newspapers, magazines and the like for years and we constantly stay in tune with what they demand. The PPKs are built around what they demand, and what you need and want.

electronic press kits for management

Electronic Press Kits For Management

"Your PPK is not only flexible, easy to navigate, and attractive but it has proven to be thoroughly effective in securing gigs for all of the artists on our roster."

~ Michael M



You get everything outlined for individual kits, PLUS...

This package is tailored specifically to our Labels, Producers, Artist / Talent Management companies and the like. No more waiting for the unreliable / too busy web guy anymore. Just upload the latest MP3s / photos and send your PPK in minutes. Setup your own PPK, then set one up for each artist / talent. Then link them together using our PPK Network feature.

Have your own PPK as a management company and neatly package and promote all of your artists / talent, plus allow them to promote themselves individually with all of the privacy features of your choice! Clean, comprehensive, organized, attractive and powerful with the ease of management available exclusively through myPPK! Every PPK has all of the features described in the Individual PPK section linked above and more, even for your master PPK. Make sure you drop us an email after you setup your master account so that we can appropriately assign the PPK Power Pack to your subscription status.

Each PPK will have its own unique username and password login for administering data and sending the kit.

Utilize our Private Screening Room option to share multi-media files ONLY with those in the industry with whom you share the Private Screening Room login password! You can turn this feature on or off foe and more.

r each kit with just a click, change the password as often as you lik

There is no difference between a management PPK and any other PPK. When you request to sign up as a management group (using the quick form at the "APPLY" link to the right), we will issue a unique management code and send you full details. Every time a you subscribe a new kit, notify us that it is to be part of your group and we will mark it in our admin with your unique code.

  • For every Six (6) subscriptions purchased, receive a FREE seventh subscription equal to the shortest subscription term of the six purchased kits. The seven-piece PPK Power Pack! That's 70 MP3s (standard), 357 photos, and unlimited use / send / print / view / reporting...! (i.e. if you paid for two 1-year subscriptions, two 6-month subscriptions and two 3-month subscriptions; your free subscription would be a 3-month (equal to the shortest term of the six purchased kits)).
  • For every Six (6) custom themes you purchase, you receive the seventh for FREE.

Electronic Press Kit Starting at only $7.99/mo

  • One Year $95.88 USD (only $7.99 / month)
  • Six Months $59.94 USD (only $9.99 / month)
  • Three Months $35.97 USD (only $11.99 / month)
  • One Month $13.99 USD

Intelligently Adapts to Each User!

NO setup costs, NO upgrade fees, NO per-use fees, NO submit fees, NO promoter scams... EVER!

Cool enough to be your Website too!

For the cost to produce and mail one physical press kit, or purchase 1 beverage at your local club, you can send myPPK an unlimited number of times and endlessly increase your chances of exposure and success over an entire month or more!!

All payments are billed in full and in advance for the respective selected term. The equivalent per-month fee is shown so that you can easily understand the minimum investment compared to other monthly fees, expenses, beverages, condiments and similar services.

electronic press kit management package