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 Electronic Press Kit Service   myPPK Power Press Kits   Continues to Swell in Global Popularity

Popular viral Electronic Press Kit Service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (www.powerpresskits.com), continues to swell in global popularity.

Since the release of Power Press Kits (PPK), performers, comedians, models, DJs, voice-over talent, actors, authors, publicists, preachers, producers and more from around the globe have jumped onboard and made myPPK their promotional tool and website of choice. In that time, the site has grown virally, attracting subscribers from across the U.S. and Canada to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and more; while garnering millions of visitors.

“PPKs are unique in so many ways,” said IAP President Ron Schock. “Our subscribers continue to rave about the robust development, comprehensive modules, smart and expansive graphics, the ability of each PPK to dynamically adapt to its user, our prompt and professional seven-day support staff and more. We’re very proud of the way PPKs have completely changed the face of electronic press kits in the market. The inspiring feedback of our subscribers continues to drive us daily to new levels and expand us into new markets.”

That feedback includes John from the band September Hase of Nashville who exclaimed, “Power Press Kits are by far the BEST electronic press kit available!”

DJ Henroc from Oakland, CA said, “I'm really enjoying your service and it has done wonders for my career. Clients are very impressed with the easy access to my information and the navigation.”

Singer and songwriter Jon DeLise from Philadelphia stated, “So many times from tour I was able to quickly email my PPK from my hand-held to artists and industry people who were looking for the next hit song yesterday. Having the ability to change my PPK on the fly saves hundreds of dollars on the printing and reprinting of pictures and bio redo's. PPK is a career saver and it is truly a necessity in today’s market.”

Mama Chill is a hip / hop artist from the UK who added, “Thanks to (PPK), I’m about to get my first write up in the United States. A New York magazine showed interest but wanted an electronic press kit. At first I panicked for not having one and thought I was about to blow my chance. Then I took a deep breath …clicked on you guys, and let out a huge sigh of relief. You made it so easy. I was able to fill it in, upload my tracks and photos with ease and send it off, simple as that. Thanks for making a difference.”

Harley Jay of Los Angeles said, “Thanks for all you guys do for me. Your site has done some great things for me and my career.”

And Flawless, a pop / hip-hop performer from New York stated, “I love the way my PPK allows me to have a streamlined layout that's easy for Industry execs to understand and navigate. It is also amazing how easy it is to track who I email it to and get notifications when someone views my PPK. This service to me is like a compact business proposal that is cost effective and great for the environment.”

IAP has apparently unleashed a tiger that everyone who promotes online is rushing to catch.

“Of course we are very pleased with the reaction of our subscribers but far from complacent,” said Schock. “Unfortunately for many, there are standard electronic press kit services on the market that continue to exploit their own users and take their money without giving equal return in service. Although we despise seeing that type of business being done to hard working people, we welcome those people aboard PPK and enjoy hearing their sighs of relief. They are the very reason we developed the PPK and the reason we will continue to listen and improve the service to meet their needs and help them advance and succeed globally.”