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2023 News blog - Electronic press kits

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 Electronic Press Kit Service myPPK    Power Press Kits   Promoting Skills on Six Continents

Electronic press kit service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (www.powerpresskits.com) enters its eighth year of promoting a wide variety of user’s skills to the world on six continents.

Since the release of Power Press Kits (PPK) in 2007, the service has quickly grown to become the online promotional tool and website of choice for start-ups, stars and legends on six continents™ including GRAMMY® winners and nominees, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Famers, multi-platinum-selling artists, guitar legends, American Idol® / The Voice® / X-Factor® contestants, world-champion and Olympic athletes, models, actors, management agencies, international businesses, preachers, poets and many more.

Current users are speaking out about the success that they have experienced in promoting their skills globally using the myPPK – Power Press Kit service:

“I have used myPPK as my business card for the past three years. It opened avenues which would have been impossible to accomplish without myPPK. I’ve worked with such greats as Dolly Parton and some of Nashville’s elite top hit writers. I’ve developed such strong relationships with some of country music’s top professionals all done by sending a simple link… myPPK has been the most powerful tool to benefit me and my career over other online services.”

~ Steele (Country artist from Nashville, TN (USA) | myPPK.com/get/steele )

“Eight 02 cannot say enough good things about our experience with our (myPPK) electronic press kit. It says a lot when a bunch of unknowns from Vermont can get international notice in the jazz world… myPPK was clearly instrumental in our success to date!!”

~ Lucas Adler (Eight 02 – Jazz group from Burlington, VT (USA) | myPPK.com/get/eight02 )

“I had the pleasure of being chosen as a featured PPK user in August, typically the slowest month of the year. Imagine to my surprise and delight when each day I got over 1,000 views on my site! Needless to say, by the end of the week, myPPK electronic press kit had been viewed and shared over 7,000 times!! Wow! My minor initial investment with myPPK has paid major dividends that are far reaching and continuous, manifesting in greater online presence, more CD sales, festival offers and many more musical opportunities… You guys ROCK!!” ~ Ginetta M. (Ginetta’s Vendetta – Jazz / Funk artist from New York, NY (USA) | myPPK.com/get/ginettasvendetta )

“Early last year we were experiencing ongoing technical difficulties with our previous EPK provider. We began doing web searches for a new service and, after coming across Power Press Kits, we decided to give it a try. As we are musicians and not web designers, we immediately fell in love with the user-friendly interfaces. We quickly had an impressive-looking EPK and began using it to book shows almost immediately. We even went the extra mile and decided to close down our flashy but hard-to-use main website. We now use our PPK as our website and are quite happy. We no longer have to contact our web designer for basic changes, we just do it ourselves. Can’t say enough good stuff about Power Press Kits!” ~ Rob Rigoni (Budapest West – World Electronic group from Gig Harbor, WA (USA) | myPPK.com/get/budapestwest )

“Many great things have happened to me and I think having a myPPK page has helped tremendously. My book, taRNished, has become an Amazon Best Seller. I was invited to speak to kids at the Gary Indiana Public Library System. I was given a job as the Health Care Columnist for the #1 digital magazine in the world (The Hype Magazine). I picked up legal representation and was subsequently signed by a booking agency which also represents Tito Jackson of the Jackson Family, and Kool and The Gang… Without a myPPK page it would not be so easy to compile my accomplishments… and book me for speaking gigs and for fans to follow my accomplishments.”

~ Willie L. Stewart (Author from Wesley Chapel, FL (USA) | myPPK.com/get/willielstewart )

“I have many stories to tell about the success of myPPK page but one stands out. During my first use of my kit I sent it to a number of people for different things. Some for instrument endorsements, gigs, recording, etc. I expected some response but I was suddenly and happily surprised to see that just from myPPK presentation, a number of people I contacted responded. A year later I found myself with gigs I would not have had the opportunity for without the outreach power of myPPK. And, I have endorsements with major companies, in part, because of the professional presentation of myPPK page. It continues to serve me well and I have suggested anyone who wants to increase their professional footing in music, art, or whatever your field, it is a great tool.”

~ Ekendra Das (Drummer / Percussionist from Aluchua, FL (USA) | myPPK.com/get/ekendradas )

“We’ve been using myPPK for about four years now and have had very good luck. Our press kit was very easy to set up. In addition, we like the clean look and ease of customization. It’s very easy to send our press kit to prospective contacts. We signed up for myPPK after our publicist brought the service to our attention. He sent our press kit to hundreds of music organizations. We’re very pleased with myPPK and will definitely continue to use it to raise awareness of our brand.” ~ Craig Pavone (The Fabrockators – Rock band from Southern, MD (USA) | myPPK.com/get/thefabrockators )