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2024 News blog - Electronic press kits

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 Electronic Press Kit Service myPPK   Power Press Kits Growing Global Choice for Religious Performers  Authors and Speakers

Electronic press kit service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (PPK) (www.powerpresskits.com) has become the online promotional tool of choice for a broad mass of startups, stars and legends on six continents including Grammy® winners and nominees, American Idol® finalists, multi-platinum selling artists, World-Champion athletes, Colleges, Management and Booking Agencies as well as a growing number of religious performers, authors and speakers.

Brian Neal (myPPK.com/get/BrianNeal), a Contemporary Christian / Gospel recording artist, Performer and Motivational Speaker from Lancaster, PA exclaimed, “Power Press Kits is an invaluable resource to this ministry that God has placed me in. My PPK allows me to provide all of the pertinent information needed by event coordinators in a very user-friendly package.

“Many thanks go out to Power Press Kits for assisting me in securing the 115 events that I performed and spoke at all over North America in 2010. Through your assistance, thousands of lives were touched by Jesus Christ last year. You are definitely a gift from God. Blessings to you all!!!”

Pam Gillaspie (myPPK.com/get/PamGillaspie), a Christian Author, Bible Teacher and Speaker from Gurnee, IL stated, “I stumbled on Power Press Kits while researching elements to include in an EPK for my website. When I saw what PPK could do, my only question was ‘How much?’ And that answer amazed me!

“Honestly, as a Christian I’ve had some internal conflict on publicity. I don’t want to be plowing through doors and pushing myself. At the same time, though, I have to be responsible and steward the message God has given me. PPK has taken the angst out of the process. The kit is easy to create, easy to update, and easy to pass around. With PPK, I can be responsible without being pushy, professional but not passive.

“Right now I’m using PPK primarily for booking. I love the smooth video interface with Vimeo and the ability to upload as much content as I like. As an author and speaker, it’s important for potential clients to be able to view samples and PPK makes this process a snap! While I speak primarily in the Chicagoland area, 2010 took me to Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Trish Torline (myPPK.com/get/TrishTorline), a Contemporary Christian Singer, Songwriter and Speaker from Winchester, KY shared, “I use my PPK to book my women's event entitled ‘Live Laugh Love’. By using PPK, I have grown from a local ministry to a regional one. My bookings for ‘Live Laugh Love’ have increased 50% since I started using my PPK as my initial form of contact and one-stop shop for this event!”

Pastor Tony Hibbert II (myPPK.com/get/TonyHibbertII) is represented by his musical director, Timothy Hibbert who revealed, “PPK has done a lot for Pastor Tony Hibbert II. We use it to promote his ministry and it’s also a great place where people can go to see all about Tony Hibbert II. Pastor Tony just came off of a three week tour of the West Coast to promote his Christmas CD and PPK played a huge role in solidifying events. We feel that PPK has helped enhance the ministry of Pastor Tony and has aided in helping us bring the Gospel to thousands.”

No matter the cause, it’s clear that Power Press Kits is the choice for spreading any word, globally.