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 Electronic Press Kit Service myPPK   Power Press Kits Used by More Booking and Management Agencies Globally

Electronic press kit service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (www.powerpresskits.com) has become the online promotional tool of choice for startups, stars and legends on six continents including Grammy® winners and nominees, American Idol finalists and Multi-Platinum selling artists. In addition, myPPK has developed into the online promotional and booking tool of choice  for a vast growing number of booking and management agencies across the globe.

Since the release of Power Press Kits, performers, models, comedians, choreographers, coaches, colleges, DJs, voice-over talent, actors, authors, athletes, publicists, preachers, prophets, poets, producers and more have jumped onboard and made myPPK their promotional tool and website of choice.

One such management agency is Marucci Artist Management, Inc. of Annapolis, MD which currently manages three PPKs for its artists.

“Marucci Artist Management Inc. was approaching the expiration date with our then current electronic press kit provider when one of your clients told us about Impact Artist Promotions and your product,” said Vice President Michael Marucci. “After only a brief investigation, my partner and I decided to make the switch. It was immediately obvious that your firm was providing a superior product at a lower cost. That was in December of 2009 and we have not looked back since. Why? Your PPK is not only flexible, easy to navigate, and attractive but it has proved to be thoroughly effective in securing gigs for all of the Artists on our roster.

“As owner and a member of the sales staff I am very pleased with the platform design and how it allows me to constantly update, edit and accumulate information, which saves me valuable time and effort. We are also finding it refreshing that our artists are not financially pick-pocketed with additional fees for EPK submissions. Our former supplier had fees attached to most opportunities.

“I am pleased to say that many of our third party principals; Promoters, Venue Operators and Agents ; who initially indicated that they only accepted submissions through a specific EPK provider, have come around and are actually more impressed with your presentation than what they were accustomed. The quality of the customizable graphic design of the PPK allows our Artists to ‘stand out from the crowd’, which is precisely what we need in this saturated talent market of today.

“Suffice it to say that Marucci Artist Management Inc. is a truly satisfied customer and we heartily recommend your product to any Artist or Agency that is serious about promotion.”

Marucci’s artists that currently have PPKs include the Niki Barr Band (myPPK.com/get/nikibarrband), a powerhouse female-fronted original rock band from Baltimore, MD that has toured the globe rocking crowds of American armed forces and more in 33 countries while gaining recognition in Billboard, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Additional artists include Fosterchild (myPPK.com/get/fosterchild), a solid modern-rock original band from Philadelphia with a throwback synergy and swagger which “prides itself on respecting the past in order to find its future” while touring the Mid-Atlantic circuit and beyond; and American Giant (myPPK.com/get/americangiant), a tight and talented 90’s and modern rock cover band from the greater DC / VA / MD region.

Power Press Kits is a proprietary service conceptualized, developed and operated by Impact Artist Promotions, LLC, specializing in entertainment marketing and artist development services since 2003.

For additional information on Impact Artist Promotions, visit http://www.artistpromo.com.

For additional information on Marucci Artist Management, visit www.marucci.net or call [410] 626.1475.