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2024 News blog - Electronic press kits

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 Electronic Press Kit Service myPPK.com the Service of Choice for Startups  Stars and Legends like Jennifer Batten  Guitarist for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck

 Electronic press kit service, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (www.powerpresskits.com) – developed by Impact Artist Promotions, LLC (IAP) – has quickly grown to become the promotional service of choice for startups, stars and legends from around the globe.

Since the release of Power Press Kits (PPK), performers, comedians, models, choreographers, DJs, voice-over talent, actors, authors, athletes, publicists, preachers, prophets, poets, producers and more have jumped onboard and made myPPK their promotional tool and website of choice. In that time, the site has grown virally, attracting subscribers from across the U.S. and Canada to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and more; while garnering millions of visitors.

“PPKs are incredibly versatile as they intelligently adapt to every user,” said IAP President, Ron Schock. “They’ve become the energizing solution for thousands of users from every walk of life across six continents from garage bands to mid-level celebs to legendary stars. And they’re telling all of their friends!”

Subscriber Jennifer Batten was hand-picked from over 100 applicants to serve as Michael Jackson's flamboyant lead guitarist for three world tours including a half-time performance which aired to a record 1.5 billion viewers in 80 nations during Super Bowl XXVII. Later Jennifer was recruited by legendary guitarist Jeff Beck to join his band where she rocked two more world tours.

“After some research, I tried to make my own (electronic press kit) then stumbled across myPPK on a Google search and felt GREAT relief to see a painless way to get it done and look good,” Jennifer exclaimed.

Jennifer currently has four active PPKs. In addition to her main promotional kit, she setup another just to promote her special tour with fellow guitar superstar, Vicki Genfan. She uses yet another kit to promote her own invention, the Batten String Damper which is a device that attaches to the headstock of a stringed instrument and dampens the strings to stop the open string noise when desired.

Subscriber Preston Reed  (Glasgow, UK) is legendary for being the early pioneer of the two-handed percussive method on guitar which is extraordinarily popular in today’s music. Preston has turned out 15 studio albums, sold out venues across three continents, boasts untold hits on YouTube and the praise of both the man on the street and fellow six-string aficionados.

“You've got a seriously useful and easy to use piece of kit,” said Preston, “something that can be hard to find in all the noise out there.”

Twenty years after he changed the face of the acoustic guitar, this trailblazer still tours and records with a passion that flows into the hearts, heads and feet of his audiences, and continues to push his musicianship to a place where other guitarists fear to tread.