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 Popular Electronic Press Kits Product myPPK  Has Also Become Product of Choice for Subscriber Websites

Popular Electronic Press Kits Product, myPPK™ – Power Press Kits™ (www.powerpresskits.com), has quickly found its way into the hearts of its subscribers as more than their electronic press kit. Today many users around the globe are also using their Power Press Kit (PPK) as their main website.

“Of course we’re thrilled with this development but not at all surprised,” said Ron Schock, President of Impact Artist Promotions, LLC which developed and operates the PPKs. “From the beginning we wanted to ensure that the PPKs were the most powerful and most resourceful product of their kind. They needed to be attractive, versatile, professional and extensible and pack all of the power and technology that anyone needs. When you put all of that together, not only does it make an amazing electronic press kit, it makes a slammin’ website.

"Our PPKs don’t open in an annoying little pop-up window; they’re formatted for full-page web browsing with dozens of attractive themes including page backgrounds just like a website, and your average website doesn’t pack this kind of punch.”

Since the release of PPKs in July of 2007, musicians, comedians, models, DJs, voice-over talent, actors, publicists, preachers, producers and more from around the globe have jumped onboard and made myPPK their self-promotion and website tool of choice. In that time, the site has grown virally, attracting subscribers from across the U.S. and Canada to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and more; while garnering tens-of-thousands of visitors.

Subscriber Nayanna Holley (www.myPPK.com/go/NayannaHolley.aspx) is a backup singer for Sheryl Crow who has toured with Queen Latifah and many others. “Wow!! You guys are incredible!! Thank you!! (PPK) is just what I needed to give my career a professional jump start,” she exclaimed. “I love how easy the site is to understand and use. It's inexpensive, fast and a brilliant way to network. I got immediate feedback and work as a result. The support team is detailed in their responses and I actually feel like I'm talking to someone...not just a link to FAQ's. Thanks a million. I'm glad you guys aren't charging commission (on the work I get). LOL!“

According to Schock, the combination of the powerful proprietary programming along with the subscriber’s ability to switch between dozen’s of graphically-rich themes in seconds (including custom themes) and the fact that the subscriber only needs to use the modules that fit their needs all make PPKs absolutely unique and highly valued by a wide variety of people the world over.

“We stay very cognizant of our subscriber’s habits, needs and requests on a daily basis,” he said. “We strongly encourage subscriber feedback and we listen and respond quickly. If it’s a request or recommendation that makes sense for a large number of subscribers, we make it happen. However, in doing so we’re also very mindful not to force a feature or module on anyone who won’t benefit from it. That really makes PPKs unique as well. If a subscriber chooses not to enter data in a particular module, then the link for that module doesn’t appear in the navigation of their PPK.

“For instance, we have numerous subscribers like actors or publicists who don’t have audio clips. So, since they don’t upload any audio, the MP3 player and the audio link do not appear on their PPK. This programming feature applies to nearly every module so every PPK you view is only going to tell the story which that user wants you to know about them.”

Schock further explained that all of this happens immediately and automatically through the PPK programming with no knowledge of web design or HTML coding required by the subscriber and it never requires interaction or waiting for a PPK support member to make any changes.

“Making the process turnkey, automated and adaptable between all users requires a lot more work on our part but is also critical to the success of our product. Many subscribers are editing their PPK in the early morning hours and they don’t want to have to wait. If an artist gets home from the studio at 3 a.m., they can upload their new track, add the lyrics, upload an updated resume and send their PPK to their regional radio stations without ever having to wait. If a band gets home from a gig at 3 a.m. and has fired their bass player, they can remove his name and photos from the PPK immediately and never have to wait.

“All of these features tied together make a very solid, attractive, powerful, flexible and professional product. Our subscribers range from emerging beginners who can build a completely professional and technologically-sound image in minutes for only $7.99 a month, to mid-level celebrities who are touring the world, winning national modeling competitions or starring on prime-time network TV whose management agencies embrace the power, professionalism, speed and flexibility that the PPKs provide to their industry and can’t believe it’s only $7.99 a month.”

As Power Press Kits continue to grow in popularity, there will certainly be more uses that subscribers will find and Impact Artist Promotions will be poised to react.