Power Press Kits
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1] General
Q: Why does my browser say that this site is 'not secure'?
Q: Can I use my PPK as my main Website?
Q: I already have a website, Facebook and a MySpace, what does a PPK do that they can't?
Q: What is the Private Screening Room option?
Q: Can my kit be found in search engines?
Q: How long have PPKs been around?
Q: Can my kit be kept private?
Q: Can I just sit on my ass and let PPK make me magically rich and famous?
Q: How do I get help if I need it?
Q: Can I combine all of my kits under one login?
Q: How do I set up a management kit and individual private kits?
Q: What is the main difference between your Referring Parnter, Managment, and College / Group / Agency programs?
Q: I represent multiple artists. Do I need an individual kit for each or just one?
Q: How do I get started?
Q: Do you setup my PPK for me?
Q: Can I make major layout changes to my kit?
Q: How long does it take to setup a PPK?
Q: Do I have to have MP3s and Video to use a PPK?
Q: Do I need to know HTML coding to setup my PPK?
Q: How often can I send my PPK?
Q: Can I use all of the PPK features as a Test Flight user?
Q: How can I search for other PPKs not visible on your Featured PPKs list?
Q: What is PPK Linking / Networking and how do I use it?
Q: Why do I only get 10 MP3s?
Q: Why do you only allow 10.2 MB per MP3 upload?
Q: Why doesn't most or all of my PPK content send as an email?
Q: Why don't some people receive my kit when sent?
Q: Why do I receive bounce-back / failed send messages when I send my kit?
Q: How do I get on your Featured PPK List?
Q: How do I get to be the main Featured PPK on your home page?
Q: Is PPK just for musicians?
Q: Are there restrictions to what I can upload?
Q: How old do I have to be to setup a PPK?
Q: Does PPK spoon feed us booking "opportunities"?
Q: Does my PPK have to have your logo in the header and other PPK name branding?
Q: Why do my HTML tags disappear when I submit?
Q: Is my music safe from download?
Q: Can my PPK be downloaded to my hard drive / burnt to CD-DVD / sent as an attachment?
Q: Why does my video play on YouTube but not on my PPK?
Q: Are PPKs compatible with all browsers and operating systems?
Q: How do I keep my sent PPK from going to someone's junk or spam folder?
Q: Why does my PPK appear as being sent from 'no_reply@myppk.com' in the recipient's inbox?
Q: What is the circumference of Jupiter?
2] Themes
3] Billing
4] Impact Artist Promotions, LLC (IAP)